What happens in chapter 26 of The Good Earth?

What happens in chapter 26 of The Good Earth?

Wang Lung prepares the body and puts it in the coffin himself. He decides to make a burial plot on his land and bury O-lan and his father there. Wang Lung, too, will be buried there in time. His father’s coffin sits in the middle room until the burial, and Wang Lung grieves but knows his father had a long life.

What was Wang Lung illness?

Working on his earth heals Wang Lung of his sickness of love. At night, he visits Lotus who protests that she is not the wife of a farmer, but he feels free. The earth has rid him of the sickness of love, and now he does not care that Lotus is disdainful of his garlic smells and earth stains.

What were O-lan’s last wishes?

O-lan makes a final request: she wants to see her son married before dying. Liu agrees, although this will mean his daughter will marry a year earlier than planned. When his son returns from the south, Wang Lung is pleased to see that he has grown into a man.

What were O-lan’s final words to Cuckoo?

As O-lan says to Cuckoo on her death bed: “Well, and you may have lived in the courts of the Old Lord, and you were accounted beautiful, but I have been a man’s wife and I have borne him sons, and you are still a slave.”

What kind of man did the second son turn out to be?

What kind of man did the second son turn out to be? a young man who was clean and wise.

Who is Pear blossom in the good earth?

Pear Blossom A slave purchased by Wang Lung during the famine years, when she was seven years old. She serves as Lotus’s personal servant for years.

Why did Wang Lung beat Lotus?

He loses his unhealthy obsession with Lotus, so she ceases to have the power to manipulate him easily. Wang Lung’s eldest son reads and writes well, and Wang Lung is very proud of him. Eventually, however, the eldest son becomes moody and irritable. When the son begins skipping school, Wang Lung beats him.

What does Wang Lung learn about his wife?

Upon hearing this, Wang Lung is emboldened and asks his uncle’s wife to act as his agent and help him purchase Lotus. He tells his uncle’s wife that he will do anything to have Lotus for his own, including sell his land. Waiting to hear whether Lotus will come, Wang Lung is in agony.

What kind of wife did the Second Son request?

What kind of wife did the second son request? from a village without poor relatives and a good cook.

What did Ching Wang Lung’s family?

Ching took part in the attack on Wang Lung’s home, and now, feeling guilty, he gives Wang Lung a handful of beans. O-lan gives birth to another daughter. This time, she strangles the baby so that it will not be an impossible burden on the family.

What happened to Wang Lung’s third son?

Like his father, when his father was young, the third son is able to see the bigger picture and to hope for a different kind of future. It’s ironic, then, that Wang Lung tries to stop him from becoming a soldier. It doesn’t work: the third son just runs away to enlist. As far as we can tell, he does fairly well, too.

What kind of wife did the second son request?

Why did Wang lungs See Yang?

Why did Wang Lung go to see Yang? He wanted to pay her off to refuse to see his son.

What is wrong with Wang Lung’s eldest daughter?

Still, it’s not all roses for Wang Lung’s first daughter: she becomes intellectually disabled as a result of the hardships brought about by the famine. She just doesn’t get food.

What are the reasons for Wang Lung to want a wife?

Moreover, when his son reaches sexual maturity and begins to struggle with sexual longing, Wang Lung cannot bring himself to buy a female slave for him, a common and accepted practice for rich families. Instead, he resolves to find a wife for his son.