What happens in Episode 11 of Mr Queen?

What happens in Episode 11 of Mr Queen?

Episode 11 of Mr Queen begins with Hwa-Jin handing over the confidential documents to Queen Sunwon, asking her to drag the Queen down into the same hell she’s suffering from. As the wheels are set into motion, we return to Bong-Hwan dreaming of Cheoljong kissing her.

What happens in Mr Queen ep 12?

The Gunpowder Plot. Episode 12 of Mr Queen picks up right where that dramatic cliffhanger left off last time. The King and Byeong-In fight, with the former besting Byeong-In. While the man is on his knees, Cheoljong warns that he should remember his place and walks away.

Was the queen dethroned in Mr Queen?

Eventually the King hands over his umbrella and tells her he won’t be sleeping in the same bed. While the Queen continues to dance, powerful forces move to try and have her dethroned following her suicide attempt. The Queen jumps back in the lake again when it stops raining and tries to get back to her old life.

What episode does the queen find out she’s pregnant?

Mr Queen Ep 16 achieves highest rating yet: The Queen is pregnant and Shin Hye Sun and Kim Jung Hyun go all in. In the latest episode of Mr Queen, The Queen and the King discover their pregnancy and get ready to take on the world. Mr Queen Ep 16 achieves highest rating yet: The Qu…

Is Kim So Yong pregnant Mr. Queen?

The episode also ended on an unexpected development: to Cheoljong’s joy, the palace doctor revealed that Kim So Yong was pregnant. While the king was moved to tears by the happy news, Kim So Yong was caught up in a flurry of conflicting emotions as she faced this daunting new terrain.

Why did Elizabeth sleep during birth?

Royal births going as far back as the 1840s meant undergoing a ‘twilight sleep’, whereby the baby would be pulled out with forceps while the mother was under general anaesthetic, something that Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II both opted for in order to have a painless drama-free birth.

What happened Mr. Queen episode 17?

Episode 17 of Mr Queen begins with an enraged Bong-Hwan kicking everyone out of her room. Cheoljong is confused though, while Bong-Hwan curses the heavens (and his counterpart So-Yong) that he’s pregnant. News of this pregnancy also reaches the Grand Queen Dowager too, who’s immediately shocked at the reveal.

Is Moon lovers and Mr. Queen same?

Both are South Korean dramas, similar in that it features a modern person who time-travelled to the past. In Moon lovers, it is Goryeo Dynasty. In Mr Queen, it is Joseon Dynasty. Another difference is that Mr Queen features a man in a woman’s body and Moon lovers was a girl residing in another girl’s body.

What episode in Mr Queen got pregnant?