What happens in season four of the Americans?

What happens in season four of the Americans?

The acquisition and attempts to transport a deadly virus were huge in season four. Philip (Matthew Rhys) and Elizabeth (Keri Russell) worked with biochemical warfare scientist William Crandall (Dylan Baker) to get the virus, aided by semi-unwitting double-agent Martha (Alison Wright).

When did season 4 of the Americans come out?

March 16, 2016
The fourth season of the American television drama series The Americans, consisting of 13 episodes, premiered on FX on March 16, 2016, and concluded on June 8, 2016.

How did season 4 of the Americans end?

On Wednesday night, Season 4 ended with the F.B.I. trying to spring another trap. But in keeping with the troubled lassitude that marked the whole season, the consequences were muted, and more depressing than violent. William, trapped by the Feds, infected himself with the Lassa virus and surrendered peacefully.

What happened in season 3 of the Americans?

Stan tries a new approach to mending his marriage with Sandra amidst learning tough news about Nina. Elizabeth and Philip come together to deal with a mission gone wrong but struggle to reconcile their increasingly opposing ideologies. Stan welcomes a Soviet defector, Zinaida, to America.

What happens to martha in the Americans?

As an investigation ensued, Philip killed and falsely implicated the office technology specialist, in order to protect her. After Stan uncovered Martha’s life with Clark Westerfeld, Philip forced the KGB to exfiltrate her to the Soviet Union.

What year is the Americans season 5?

The events of the fifth season take place between February 1984 and August 1984, shown by the reference to the TV broadcasts of the 1984 Winter Olympics in episode 1 and the coverage of Ronald Reagan’s “We begin bombing in five minutes” joke in episode 13.

What year is The Americans season 5?

What happens to Martha in the Americans?

What happened in season 5 of the Americans?

Throughout season five, Philip (Matthew Rhys), one of the KGB agents posing as an American along with wife Elizabeth (Keri Russell), is doubting his life as a spy. He’s become accustomed to and even likes life in America, and he’s taken too many innocent lives for him to feel good about his work anymore.

Why did Philip quit in The Americans?

Philip is a former undercover KGB Directorate S agent, but later quits to assume his cover job full time at Dupont Circle Travel as a travel agent.

Why did Paige stay in America?

Heading to a country whose language she did not speak and where human rights were not valued — Paige was always committed to human rights after her experiences in the progressive church — it was not surprising to see her remain in the USA at the final moment.

Did Philip sleep with Irina?

Andrzej wakes up the next morning as a US official enters with photos of the beaten Irina, claiming that she was brutally beaten and raped by Andrzej. Philip sleeps with Irina, and the same night receives a call from an apologetic Elizabeth (Keri Russell), who asks him to come home.