What is a 38 Special?

What is a 38 Special?

The .38 Special is one of the most durable cartridges in history. Introduced in 1898 as the .38 Smith & Wesson Special, it was meant to upgrade the U.S. Army’s firepower.

Is a 38 Special revolver good for home defense?

The .38 Special revolver is certainly on the lower end of the power spectrum. It simply doesn’t offer the ballistics to compete with larger calibers such as the .357 Magnum. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t viable self-defense or home defense weapon.

What kind of gun is a Pink Lady 38 Special?

This Charter Arms Model The Pink Lady is a 5 shot double action revolver in .38 Special Cal. It has a 2 inch barrel. A blade front sight and an integral notch rear sight. The grip is a checkered black …Click for more info NEW TODAY! Rossi M685 .38 SPL Revolver. In good condition.

Is the Smith&Wesson 38 Special good for everyday carry?

One user said he uses this for everyday carry and is confident that he’ll be able to use it should he end up in a dangerous situation. This Smith & Wesson Revolver is one of the many models manufactured by a brand known for its reliability. They make no exception here with this .38 Special revolver.

What kind of frame does a 38 Special revolver have?

This .38 Special revolver features a polymer lower frame and lightweight alloy upper for lightness and easy carry. A unique cammed DAO trigger ensures a smooth pull from front to back.

Is the Charter Arms 38 Special a good pistol?

The light weight – less than 16 ounces – means it’ll snap when you shoot, but since it carries .38 Special it will be very manageable. Charter Arms was started in the 1960s to provide quality carry pistols that had simpler, stronger designs than that of competitors.

What is the best 38 Special to tote?

It’s a nice middle ground, enough weight to tame +P ammunition, but not too much to make the gun cumbersome. MSRP: $364; taurususa.com. Charter Arms Off-Duty. If concealability is at a premium, the Off-Duty is the answer. Among the smallest and lightest .38 Special revolvers available, the minuscule wheelie is a second thought to tote.