What is a 4 H cow?

What is a 4 H cow?

A beef heifer breeding project is long term project in which a 4-H member begins with a heifer calf (female) and cares for her through breeding age (around 1 year of age) and on to calving (giving birth) at around 2 years of age.

How do you pick a show heifer?

Look for a strong straight top line that never droops even when the animal relaxes. Show cattle should be long-bodied, clean-front, up-headed and possesses a lot of balance and style. Look for correct muscling. Beef cattle should be thicker through the lower part of the round when viewed from the rear.

What is a NSM heifer?

NSM: Non-station mated – refers to when a cow or heifer has not been intentionally exposed to a bull.

How old does a cow have to be to show?

Most steers are shown probably in the range of 15 to 21 months of age. Genetically larger steers generally should be nutritionally “pushed” for fast gain to show at younger ages or else they may be too heavy when adequately finished.

How much is a show heifer?

The Missouri Show-Me-Select Bred Heifer Sales in May 2015 averaged over $2,800 per head for commercial heifers. That was an uptick of about $400 from the 2014 average. Top-end prices for elite individual heifers were near $4,000.

What is a prospect heifer?

A prospect beef calf (feeder calf) is an immature bovine animal, usually not over seven months of age that has been raised on a diet of milk, milk replacers, grains and/or roughage. 2.

What age is a Vealer?

Background. A vealer calf is a calf that is reared for the purpose of slaughter for human consumption at less than six months of age. Vealer calves are fed extra concentrates to improve carcase weight and are usually housed intensively.

What do you feed a show heifer?

If you only want to slow the growth of your animal, you can also blend it with Honor® Show Fitter’s Edge® or Honor® Show Full Range® feed. May: Honor® Show Full Control® feed is our go-to for heifers. It can be a struggle to keep heifers lean enough. This feed helps us find the balance between fat and condition.

What to feed growing heifers?

Feed high-quality grass or hay, Accuration® Liquid Supplement or Accuration® Hi-Fat Block, and Wind and Rain® Storm® Cattle Mineral. Set replacement heifers up to take the place of existing females and be better than your current cow herd. By putting a total program together, you’re not leaving anything to chance.

How much should I pay for a heifer?

In the fourth quarter of 2020, steers in this weight range were selling for prices in the upper $130’s and heifers in the low $120’s, on a state average basis. Therefore, a steer / heifer average price of $1.30 per lb is used for the analysis, which is actually the same price that was used last year.

How much is a one year old heifer worth?

How Much Does A Beef Cow Cost?

Average Weight Average Price per CwT
Steer (2-3 Years Old) 1095lbs $106
Heifer (One Year Old) 479lbs $159
Heifer (1-2 Years Old) 623lbs $123
Heifer (2-3 Years Old) 743lbs $106

How do you pick out good calves?

There should be feed in front of the animals, minimal soiling of the animals hindquarters, and hooves should not be too long. If the animals on the farm look and act healthy, your calf is more likely to be healthy also. Ask the owner if he has had any animals sick with pneumonia or diarrhea.

What does per head mean in cattle?

Per Head. Comment used to denote cattle that were sold a per head basis, instead of being sold on a per cwt. basis. Per head basis selling usually occurs when quoting replacement or bred females.