What is a adjective for T?

What is a adjective for T?

tactful – diplomatic; able to convey criticism without hurting or offending others. tactless – insensitive to the feelings of others. talented – having a natural aptitude or skill for something. talkative – verbose, chatty; enjoys speaking to others. tall – having stature, height.

What is a positive adjective that starts with t?

Thankful grateful; thankworthy. Thankworthy worthy of gratitude or deserving thanks. Therapeutic having or exhibiting curative or healing powers.

What are the soft th words?

Voiceless TH Words

  • Beginning. thorn. thin. think. thunder. thousand. thirsty. thief. thermometer. theater. thermos. thaw. thing. thread.
  • Middle. bathtub. toothache. toothbrush. python. marathon. healthy. truthful. wealthy. athlete. bathrobe. panther. toothpaste.
  • Ending. cloth. moth. math. tooth. fifth. beneath. path. month. wreath. booth. broth. ninth.

What is a soft th?

With the soft-th, your tongue is sticking slightly out and is in between your top and bottom front teeth. With the hard-th sound, it is just behind your top front teeth. Most important is that with the hard-th, you make a sound with your voice, while with the soft-th you simply blow air.

What is a fun word that starts with t?

List of Positive Words that Start with T

Thank you Thankful Tender
Tenacity Terrific Therapeutic
Thorough Thoughtful Timeless
Tirelessly Togetherness Tolerant
Top-notch Touching Transcendent

What is a hard th?

What are the two kinds of th?

There are two “th” sounds in English: an “unvoiced” th and a “voiced” one. The voiceless “th” sound is made without using vocal cords. This sound is common in most words that begin with “th.” “Think,” “third,” and “thank” all start with the voiceless “th.”

Is weather a soft th?

How do we know if the TH is voiced or voiceless? There are 5 rules that should help you determine whether a th should be voiced or voiceless. between two vowels th is voiced: mother, bother, weather, etc. at the end of the word or before a consonant, th is unvoiced: myth, mouth, mouthful, bath, truthful, throw, etc.

What is a 4 letter word that starts with t?

Here are some of the four letter words that start with T are tail, this, that, team, them, then, tell, trip, talk, turn, tusk, task, tall, tiny, tech, till, tend, toll, twin, trap, told, term, tide, tear, trio, tops, toss, tick, tilt, tidy, tomb, etc.

What are some t words for kids?

Some of the T words for kids are Temple, tangy, together, thorough, through, think, tank, torn, timber, to, teacher, tasty, trip, travel, tell, tip, trick, tomb, teak, rhumb, tickle, tree, terrain, tent, tailor, tail, test, time, table, thank, tomato, etc.

What are the words that sound th?

TH Voiced Word List

Initial Medial Final
Them Feather Breathe
These Brother Bathe
The Mother Broth
They Father Loathe

Is Feather a soft th?

What do birds and feathers have in common? They are both soft.

Is breathe hard th sound?

“th” – that, northern. “the” – breathe, bathe.

What start with letter T is filled with T and ends with T?

8 Answers. teapot……

What are some positive adjectives that begin with th?

Adjective Words Starting with Th to Enhance Your Vocabulary. We bring some adjectives starting with ‘Th’ which help you to improvise your vocabulary list. 1. Thawed: It is the word which is used to describe a frozen substance which becomes liquid or soft as a result of heat.

What are the four demonstrative adjectives that begin with th?

This green ball is mine.

  • That huge,ferocious lion looks really hungry.
  • I want these sparkly sunglasses.
  • Those sly,suspicious-looking sneaks have shifty schemes.
  • What are descriptive words that start with th?


  • thumbless
  • thumping
  • thundering
  • thunderless
  • thunderous
  • thunderproof
  • thundery
  • thundrous
  • thuriferous
  • What are some nouns that begin with th?


  • thomaean
  • thomaism
  • thomean
  • thomism
  • thomist
  • thomite
  • thomsenolite
  • thomsonian
  • thomsonianism