What is a BOC-3 filing?

What is a BOC-3 filing?

A BOC-3 filing (“Designation of Agents for Service of Process”) is a federal filing in the United States that assigns a process agent to accept legal documents on behalf of a transportation or logistics company in each state in which the company is authorized to do business.

How much is a BOC-3 filing?

What is the cost to have ATA file the BOC-3 form? The cost for ATA to file your BOc-3 form is $55 per year.

Who fills out the BOC-3 form?

A broker or freight forwarder applicant, without CMVs, can file Form BOC-3 on their own behalf. Only one completed form may be on file. It must include all states for which agency designations are required. One copy must be retained by the carrier or broker at its principal place of business.

Why do I need a BOC-3 form?

The BOC-3 form filing serves as a means for the public to be able to reach you if you are involved in court proceedings. A process agent is a representative whom court papers may be served in any proceeding brought against a motor carrier or freight forwarder.

Can I be my own process agent for BOC-3?

Can I file my own BOC-3 and be my own process agent? The BOC-3 can only be filed and submitted by an authorized company that have been verified and appointed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Can you file a BOC-3 yourself?

You can file your own BOC-3 if you are a broker or a freight forwarder, but you do have to file for each primary state of operation. And, you cannot file for yourself if you are planning on driving a truck for your company.

How much does it cost to file a BOC-3 in Georgia?

Remember, the FMCSA requires that you have a process agent in every state that you travel through or do business in. Your BOC-3 form includes the names and addresses of these agents. To submit your order and file a BOC-3 form with us, we only charge you $25!…Pricing Per State.

Delaware $50
Florida $50
Georgia $50
Hawaii $75

Can I be my own BOC-3?

Does a BOC-3 expire?

The BOC-3 does not expire according to the FMCSA. It will remain on your account until you initiate a name change and/or reinstatement.