What is a butter and egg game?

What is a butter and egg game?

A “butter and eggs” racket is a type of gambling that originated a century ago in which participants bet on commodities prices. The game at issue in Hall’s case was tied to the Illinois state lottery.

What style of jazz is Big butter and Egg Man?

Big Butter and Egg Man

“Big Butter and Egg Man”
Single by Louis Armstrong and his Hot Five
Recorded 1926
Genre Jazz
Songwriter(s) Percy Venable

What does it mean to call a girl a duck?

Definitions include: an unattractive person. odd duck.

What is butter duck?

Definition of butter duck : any of several American ducks: such as. a : ruddy duck. b : bufflehead. c : shoveler.

What does it mean if a guy calls you goose?

If someone calls you a goose, it’s mildly insulting: they’re saying you’re silly. Many other common phrases use goose, including “a wild goose chase,” which means a hopeless pursuit or waste of time, and “your goose is cooked,” which translates to “you are in big trouble!”

What does I just ducky mean?

1 : darling, cute a ducky little tearoom. 2 : satisfactory, fine everything is just ducky.

What does duck emoji mean?

The duck emoji finds itself in some strange places. From terms of endearment, to “duck lips” posts, and even in exhibiting occasional “rhymes with …” functionality, the little guy gets around. And, oh yes, it’s sometimes used with posts about … ducks.

What does Duck Butter mean slang?

Duck butter is a slang term that refers to sweat, semen, smegma, or other fluids around the genitals. While vulgar, the term is often used for humorous effect.

What does duck mean in slang?

The prison slang term for a prison staff member that has been manipulated is a “duck”.

What does it mean to call a woman a duck?

What does feeling just peachy mean?

adjective. If you say that something is peachy or peachy keen, you mean that it is very nice. [US, informal] Everything in her life is just peachy.