What is a campdraft event?

What is a campdraft event?

Campdrafting is a unique Australian sport involving a horse and rider working cattle. The riding style is Australian stock, somewhat akin to American Western riding and the event is similar to the American stock horse events such as cutting, working cow horse, team penning, and ranch sorting.

Is campdrafting cruel?

There’s no sign of animal cruelty here, the steers and heifers are only used once for a run, ever. The beasts, as they are affectionately called, are clever things and seem to be able to work out the quickest route to the exit, and it doesn’t involve being steered around some cones in the yard.

How many people campdraft in Australia?

There are 30,000 campdrafters (horses) currently (2008) registered and competing at various locations in Australia.

Who won the 2021 Warwick Gold Cup?

Richard Hansen
Congratulations to the 2021 Warwick Gold Cup winner, Richard Hansen.

Why is rodeo not animal cruelty?

Rodeo is not animal abuse. Riding bucking horses is not animal abuse and it is not hurting them. Using spurs is not hurting the animals. The animals that are used are well taken care of and loved.

Are rodeos cruel Australia?

Although all rodeo events pose significant animal welfare risks, calf roping (also known as rope-and-tie) raises serious concerns, as it subjects young vulnerable animals to unnecessary harm and distress.

What makes a good campdraft horse?

A good campdraft horse is easily controlled. They are listening for your slightest cue and instantly obedient to your commands. You don’t want your horse fighting you when you ask for them to check or to crossover whilst out on course. One of the most important attributes is having a willing horse.

What is the best campdraft horse?

Of course, the sport of Campdrafting is open to all horse breeds. However, the Australian Stock Horse dominates the sport just as the Quarter Horse dominates the sports of Cutting and Reining.

How much is a good bucking horse worth?

A top-end bucking horse can cost $50,000 or more, said Nate Morrison, sales coordinator for Benny Binion’s World Famous Bucking Horse and Bull Sale. “A few years ago at our sale, a horse sold for $100,000,” Morrison said.