What is a Capitano mask?

What is a Capitano mask?

The mask was intended to emphasize the distinction between a brave soldier and a coward. The second variety of Il Capitano Masks has a small nose and a more comical face: smaller eyes, a mustache, and larger cheeks.

How does Capitano speak?

Firstly, during most of the late Renaissance and well into the 17th century, parts of Italy were under Spanish domination and Il Capitano spoke boldly with a Castilian accent. Secondly, he is constantly moving from place to place and sees to it that no one in his company recognises him.

What does Il Capitano look like?

Il Capitano is a yellow-belly, there is no doubt about it. He always finds some silly reason to justify why he cannot do what he has promised. When he is frightened, he runs on the spot, head thrown back, arms in the air, kicking his feet and howling piteously.

How does Il Capitano walk?

His back is straight, and he prances with a bounce in his step. All of his walks are very showy and as a result, quite slow. Il Capitano’s run is prompted by any loud sound, scary object or from being overwhelmed. When this happens, he drops everything, throws his head back, kicks his feet forward and howls is fear.

Why does Il Capitano have a long nose?

Which Mask did Il Capitano Wear? Il Capitano is depicted with two different masks. One looks rather stern and menacing, with a long phallic nose and large holes for the eyes. The overly large nose represents manliness, to emphasise his virility and machismo.

Who is Il Capitano in the commedia dell arte?

Capitano, stock character of the Italian commedia dell’arte. He was the prototype of a pretentious but cowardly military man. One of the earliest of the commedia characters, he was a descendant of the Miles Gloriosus, the braggart soldier of ancient Roman comedy.

What animal is Il Capitano based on?

Cocodrillo (“crocodile”) – “A crocodile who never bites, he is all fanfare easily deflated,” according to Rudlin. 6. Matamoros (Spanish: “Killer of Moors”) – the original Spanish mercenary – was created by Francesco Andreini. He is powerfully built and very lavishly dressed.