What is a Dardic tribe?

What is a Dardic tribe?

The group of Indo-Aryan peoples speaking the Dardic subgroup of Indo-Aryan languages are often referred as Dardic people. Dardic peoples. Regions with significant populations. Northern Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) Northwestern India (Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh)

Which area is known as Dardistan?

Dardistān, region inhabited by the so-called Dard peoples in the north of Pakistan and northern Kashmir. It includes Chitrāl, the upper reaches of the Panjkora River, the Kohistān (highland) of Swāt, and the upper portions of the Gilgit Agency.

Are Dardic Aryans?

The Dardic languages (also Dardu or Pisaca) are a subgroup of the Indo-Aryan languages natively spoken in Gilgit-Baltistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the Kashmir Valley and parts of eastern Afghanistan.

Is Pashtun a Dardic?

Yes, that’s why Pashtuns show a huge Dardic heritage from their maternal side. Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and South-east Afghanistan was previously inhabited by Dardic people who were absorbed during the Pashtun ethnogenesis.

Is Kashmiri a Dardic language?

Kashmiri is the only Dardic language that has been used extensively for literary purposes. Except for Shina, the languages of the Eastern subgroup have been radically changed by the influence of the Indo-Aryan languages spoken farther south.

Is Kashmiris a Dardic?

Kashmiri is the most prominent Dardic language, with an established literary tradition, alongside official recognition as one of India’s 22 scheduled languages.

Is Kashmiri Indo-Aryan?

Kashmiri language, language spoken in the Vale of Kashmir and the surrounding hills. By origin it is a Dardic language, but it has become predominantly Indo-Aryan in character. Reflecting the history of the area, the Kashmiri vocabulary is mixed, containing Dardic, Sanskrit, Punjabi, and Persian elements.

Who was the first Pathan in history?

The first historical reference to the Pathan (AD. 982) refers to Afghans living in the Sulaiman Mountains. The first significant impact they had outside of that area was as troops in the armies of Mahmud of Ghazni, a Muslim Turk, who led a number of invasions against the Hindu kings in north India around the year 1000.

Who invented Kashmiri language?

Many scholars claim that Kashmiri is Indo-Aryan rather than Dardic. Another view is that the language has its origin in Saryani and Abrani, the language of Jews who came to Kashmir about 2000 years back.

Who sold Kashmir?

Under the terms of the Treaty of Amritsar that followed in March 1846, the British government sold Kashmir for a sum of 7.5 million Nanakshahee rupees to Gulab Singh, hereafter bestowed with the title of Maharaja.