What is a dilapidation report NSW?

What is a dilapidation report NSW?

Dilapidation reports are a record of the condition of your property before major construction or excavation works take place nearby. The report can help you prove that there has been an impact on your property due to the works being carried out.

Who can carry out a dilapidation report?

Dilapidation reports are complex documents. They are usually completed by experienced building consultants or surveyors. By carrying out a comprehensive audit before work starts, the building contractor, client and neighbours can be clear about the existing condition of neighbouring buildings and assets.

What is the purpose of a dilapidation report?

The purpose of a Dilapidation Report is to avoid a dispute or costly litigation at the completion of construction works by establishing a record of the condition of a building and/or infrastructure prior to construction.

What are Sydney dilapidation reports and why are they important?

This is where Sydney dilapidation reports can come in handy. Also known as property condition reports, these are written and photographic reports of your Sydney properties before and after the demolition or construction work.

When do I need a Dilapidation Report?

Councils usually request a dilapidation report prior to construction starting on commercial and residential sites.

Why do I need a dilapidation survey?

It is also important to remember that if a problem does arise due to the building works a dilapidation survey can help resolve disputes between residential property owners and building/construction companies.

What is a houspect dilapidation inspection report?

A Houspect Dilapidation Inspection report is carried out by one of our qualified building inspectors who will provide an independent, professional document completed in accordance with Australian Standards.