What is a flat red card?

What is a flat red card?

According to an article in Critic, the red card is a kind of scarfie tradition where each member of a flat has the opportunity to “red card” a fellow housemate. When they “pull” their red card, the other person has to complete any challenge set. Alcohol is not mandatory but is often involved.

What does pulling a red card mean?

Red Card: Second year is can be one of the craziest years for students, but also attending and hosting a Red Card is going to be just as hectic! Red Card’s definition as given by ‘urban dictionary’ (totally legit site) states that it’s a, “fictional card you ‘throw down’ to your friends to initiate a no questions asked …

What is Red Card drinking game?

The basic concept of Red Cards is simple. Once a year, each member of the flat gets one opportunity to pull their Red Card and everyone else in the flat must go along with whatever they say. It’s a dream come true for alcoholics and control freaks the world over.

What is a red card slang?

verb red-card. (tr) to send off (a player) Slang.

What is the other term for red card?

Verb. To eject or dismiss, especially a player from a game. send off. dismiss. eject.

Is there a blue card in soccer?

A blue card is also frequently used in indoor soccer in the United States, signifying that the offender must leave the field and stay in a penalty box (usually 2–5 minutes), during which time their team plays down a man (identical to ice hockey and roller hockey).

What is yellow card in school?

The students will report to the Class Teacher for detention during break.Yellow CardYellow card will be issued to a student indulging in serious offences like bunking, destroying or damaging school property, bursting crackers, using unfair means, disobedience, rowdyism or violence in any form.

What does a white card mean in school?

Students having an outstanding performance in the class are rewarded with white cards, while green is given for actions relevant to helping the authorities.

What’s red card mean?

: a red card that a referee holds in the air to indicate that a player who has broken the rules of the game will not be allowed to continue playing.