What is a good replacement for R12?

What is a good replacement for R12?

There are three replacement refrigerant options for R12 systems: R134a, R401a, R401b. R134a is regarded, by manufacturers and adherents to the Montreal Protocols alike, as the best replacement refrigerant.

Is there a drop in replacement for R12?

RS-24 is a “Drop-in” alternative for R12 which also provides a long term solution at the same time. It provides, therefore, a one change solution to the replacement of R12 at minimal expense.

Is Hot shot a replacement for R12?

An R-12 Refrigerant Replacement Freon Hot Shot™ 2 (R-417C) refrigerant is a non-ozone depleting, hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) replacement for these refrigerants. Freon Hot Shot™ 2 can be used in most applications to retrofit systems currently using R-12 or R-12 blends, including: R-401A. R-401B.

What freons are being phased out?

To protect the Earth’s protective ozone layer, the United States is phasing out R-22, along with other chemicals. As the United States phases out refrigerant R-22, you will need to make informed choices when servicing, repairing, or replacing an existing air-conditioning unit or when purchasing a new unit.

Can you use R22 in place of R12?

Things You’ll Need R12 and R22 are two refrigerating agents for air conditioning units. R12 was once used in many air conditioning units as a refrigerant or cooling agent. However, it was found to be a very bad gas for the environment. But R22 is almost equally damaging.

Can you use 134a in place of R12?

R134a is a safer replacement for R12. Another major difference is the type of oil both refrigerators require. R12 is compatible with mineral oil, and most R12 systems use this. R134a uses Polyalkylene Glycol (PAG) oil.

Can I buy R12?

Anyone with the required EPA R-12 certification still can buy the 1-pound cans at auto-parts stores, but the cans are kept in the back and guarded like gold.

What does Hotshot 2 replace?

Hot Shot 2 is an ozone safe, reliable, and affordable HFC replacement for R-12 and other R-12 interim replacements.

What do new AC units use instead of Freon?

It might surprise you to learn that Carrier announced that starting in 2023, all of their residential HVAC systems in North America will move to a new refrigerant Puron Advance™ (R-454b). This refrigerant blend has fraction of the Global Warming Potential (GWP) that R-22 or Freon® did.

What’s the difference between R12 and R22 freon?

First of all R12 is the “older version” of freon that is no longer used. Also, it was used primarily in car air conditioning. As for R22, it is part of the new family of freon that supposedly hurts the ozone layer less than the ones before it (hence the reason why it was banned). R22 is one of the replacements for R12.

Is R12 better than R134a?

Understand that R12 has its advantages. R12 can blow 6 to 7 degrees cooler than R134a and is 15% more efficient. R134a systems require larger condensers and higher operating pressures than R12 systems because R134a doesn’t have as high of a heat transfer rate as R12 (which has a heavier molecular size than R134a).

How do I change from R12 to 134a?

How to Convert Car AC R12 to R134a

  1. Discard R12. Before you do anything else, you need to pump out the R12 refrigerant that is currently in the system.
  2. Retrofit the System. You must add new fittings to both the low and high side service ports on the AC system.
  3. Hook up Gauges.
  4. Pump in R134a Refrigerant.

Do they sell R12 Freon?

It is illegal to manufacture new R12, but it is not illegal to sell or use R12. And many of the cylinders and cans of Freon R-12 sold for decades throughout the United States are still around.