What is a Gramofon?

What is a Gramofon?

The Gramofon is a small, low-cost network music player that also doubles as a Wi-Fi extender. Similar to Google’s Chromecast Music, it’s designed to plug into existing music systems, making for a far cheaper and more accessible alternative to something such as Sonos.

How do you use Gramofon?

How it works

  1. Connect. Plug the Gramofon into your sound system using the audio cable.
  2. Configure & Play. Use the Gramofon Setup app to configure your Gramofon. Once Gramofon is connected to the internet, open up Spotify and start playing.
  3. Stream & Listen. Your Gramofon is now streaming music from the cloud.

How do I play Spotify on Hi Fi?

Once you’ve walked through the door, simply select your Spotify Connect-compatible stereo system in the app and the song will carry on playing through your speakers without having to pause or restart it. If it’s non-stop music you want, you’ve got it.

How do I get Spotify to play on my receiver?

Steps to listen to Spotify:

  1. Launch the Spotify Music app on the mobile device.
  2. Select the desired music.
  3. Click the Connect icon.
  4. Select the Sony® home audio device. NOTE: If the home audio device does not appear. Make sure that the home audio device and the mobile device are connected to the same Network connection.

Is Spotify HiFi quality?

Spotify HiFi quality So far, we know that the HiFi subscribers will be able to consume “music in lossless audio format, with CD quality”. Given that bitrates for lossless audio can be around 1411kbps, Spotify HiFi should be a big step up from existing Spotify Premium quality, which maxes out at only 320kbps.

Which is better Spotify connect or AirPlay?

The main difference between them is Airplay streams data from the device you are using to the selected device. Spotify Connect devices all stream from the internet on their own. For Spotify, you will most likely get much better quality sound from Connect.

How can I make my old stereo smarter?

The easiest way to adapt an old stereo for streaming is to add a Bluetooth receiver. This lets you stream wirelessly from a phone, tablet, or computer without having to add or configure a new app. The downside is that Bluetooth does have a subtle effect on sound quality.

Is AirPlay good sound quality?

AirPlay can send video as well as audio, while Bluetooth only works with audio. But because AirPlay uses Wi-Fi, it’s capable of a higher quality of streaming audio than Bluetooth.