What is a Miller in The Canterbury Tales?

What is a Miller in The Canterbury Tales?

The Miller, one of the pilgrims on the trip to Canterbury, is a large, brawny man known for his prowess as a wrestler. Chaucer says that because of the Miller’s strength and temperament, he always wins when he participates in wrestling matches on festival days.

What did the Miller do?

A miller is a person who operates a mill, a machine to grind a grain (for example corn or wheat) to make flour. Milling is among the oldest of human occupations….Miller.

Occupation type vocation
Activity sectors Agriculture
Competencies Buying & Selling, Math, Machine repair,

Who is the Miller in the Miller’s tale?

The Miller’s Tale, one of the 24 stories in The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer. This bawdy story of lust and revenge is told by a drunken, churlish Miller. Alison, the young wife of a carpenter, takes their boarder Nicholas as her lover.

Why is the Miller’s Tale important?

With the Millers Tale, Chaucer gives readers a new perspective of life in this time. He tells the stories of virtue with the widely renowned characters of this age such as the knight, but also introduces sin with lesser-known characters such as the unholy parish clerk.

How is the Miller described in the prologue?

Introduction. In the General Prologue, the Miller is described as “stout” and fond of wrestling; his “base” nature and language is contrasted with the chivalric voice of the Knight who has just finished his tale.

How does the Millers Tale reflect the Miller?

The Miller’s tale reflects the Miller’s negative character as two unchivalrous men fight for the love of a woman who is already married to an outside man–John. They do not try to win her through bravery or honorable battle; instead they sneak and plot their way into her life.

What does the Miller look like in the Canterbury Tales?

the miller is short & stout; the reeve is tall & stick-like the miller has a burly red beard; the reeve is stubbly the miller is loud; the reeve is quiet the miller is a cheap & thief ; the reeve is a hard-working manager the miller is dirty (both w his mouth & w hygiene);the reeve is a suckup the miller is strong; the reeve is weak

What is the moral lesson in the Canterbury Tales?

Theme#1. Social Satire.

  • Theme#2. Courtly Love and Sexual Desire.
  • Theme#3. Corruption in Church.
  • Theme#4. Competition.
  • Theme#5. Christianity.
  • Theme#6. Class.
  • Theme#7. Lies and Deception.
  • Theme#8. Justice and Judgement.
  • What instrument does the Miller play in the Canterbury Tales?


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  • Are there moral lesson in the Canterbury Tales?

    There is no single moral lesson suggested by The Canterbury Tales. Instead, Chaucer presents a frame tale in which several travelers make a pilgrimage to a sacred shrine and tell tales along the…