What is a moral clause in a contract?

What is a moral clause in a contract?

A morality clause within a contract is often used as a means of holding an individual to a certain behavioural standard so as not to bring a scandal to the other party. Morality clauses attempt to preserve the public and private image of one of the contracting parties.

Are morals clauses legal?

Generally, courts have held that morality clauses are valid and enforceable, and the nonperformance under the clause excuses further performance from parties.

What is the morality clause in Carol?

Carol has learned that Harge is petitioning the judge to consider a “morality clause” against her, threatening to expose her homosexuality and give him full custody of Rindy. She decides to take a road trip to escape the stress of the divorce proceedings and invites Therese to join her.

Why is it important to include a morals clause in an endorsement contract?

A morals clause allows the Endorsee to cut loose an Endorser whose actions have directly affected or are likely to affect the image of the Endorsee. This clause seems necessary as in the competitive field of advertising the advertisers pay an Athlete millions of dollars in a multi-year deal to be the face of the brand.

Can the morality clause be enforced?

Though they may be tough to enforce, including morality clauses in contracts is generally legal; whether or not you want to agree to one, however, is up to you. For more guidance, you’ll want to consult an experienced employment lawyer or a family law attorney near you.

What is a paramour clause?

Typically a paramour clause is a restraint against having a boyfriend or girlfriend (or one night stand, etc.)

What is a morality clause in a divorce?

A morality clause is exactly what it sounds like; a provision in your custody agreement that describes certain behavior that you and your ex are to avoid. The clause goes both ways, meaning you may have been the one to ask that it be added to your custody agreement, but you and your ex both abide by it.

Can my ex husband keep my boyfriend from moving in?

Under the laws of all states in this country your “ex” cannot preclude you from moving in with your boyfriend. You have the right to reside with whomever. He could make issues with respect to custody of your child due to your living arrangements but such does not impact upon whether or not you are a fit parent.