What is a nocturnist shift?

What is a nocturnist shift?

The main role of a nocturnist is to admit patients into the hospital from an emergency department, and to care for previously admitted inpatients through the night. Nocturnists differ from on-call doctors in that they work exclusively at night, rather than being on-call and also working daytime shifts.

How many patients should a nocturnist cover?

During a typical 12-hour shift, we will admit an average of 10–12 new patients from the ED. In addition to this, there is one resident on each night (termed “night relief”), who provides cross-coverage of existing medical inpatients.

What is a nocturnist in medicine?

A nocturnist is a hospitalist who works the night shift. As a resident, you might have nightmares about the many nights you’ve worked, the assembly line of patients, procedures, and cross-cover calls you’ve processed.

How long does it take to become a nocturnist?

To earn your qualifications for a career as a nocturnist, you need to have a medical degree and you need to complete a residency that exposes you to different medical specialties. Based on your skills and preferences, you may work in the emergency room, the intensive care unit (ICU), or the pediatric ward.

Do hospitalists work night shifts?

While 44.1% of hospitalists work only days, 51.7% incorporate some night coverage into their schedules. Just under 34% of those responding to our survey work some nights; 10% work as nocturnists. Universities/medical schools have the highest number of moonlighters (23.7%) compared to all hospitalists (7.1%).

Can you be rich as a hospitalist?

Locum tenens would give you the highest pay rate and salary. Other than locums, working nights would give you more money per hour. The other option to get the highest paying hospitalist job is to sign up with a private hospitalist group with a 100% productivity compensation.

What is a nocturnist NP?

Your job duties are to examine inpatients who are staying in the hospital overnight, admit patients to the hospital for care, and handle other responsibilities, like overseeing nurses and medical residents.

How many hours a week does a hospitalist work?

A full-time hospitalist job gives you very predictable time off and a good amount of it. Although you still essentially work an average of 40 hours a week (84 hours every other week), it sure feels good when you are off.

Where do hospitalist make the most money?

12 high paying states for hospitalist jobs

  1. Washington. Seattle, Washington is one of the highest paying cities for hospitalists, where they can earn an average salary of $180,052 per year .
  2. Kansas.
  3. Idaho.
  4. Kentucky.
  5. North Dakota.
  6. 6. California.
  7. Virginia.
  8. Wyoming.