What is a non deadlocking Nightlatch?

What is a non deadlocking Nightlatch?

Non deadlocking means that you cannot ‘double lock’ the latch from outside with the key, stopping you from being able to open the lock from inside by the handle. This is ideal on a property with multiple occupants or on a communal door.

What is a Nightlatch on door?

A night latch (or night-latch or nightlatch) is lock that is fitted on the surface of a door; it is operated from the exterior side of the door by a key and from the interior (i.e. “secure”) side of the door by a knob.

What is a double locking Nightlatch?

The Double Locking Nightlatch is a face fitted, non handed design enabling both left and right handed operation; and the striker is designed with a 3 hole fixing for additional strength and security.

Are Chubb locks secure?

After almost 200 years of manufacture, Chubb Locks are one of the most trusted security brands on the market.

What is a Nightlatch cylinder?

This is a video which will help you with an understanding of How does a Night Latch work? from R&M LOCKSMITH. A Night Latch is a lock which is used for convenience. Night latches has a handle on the inside and a rim cylinder on the outside which is used with a key.

What is a 5 point mortice lock?

The five lever mortice deadlock is a type of door lock commonly fitted to wooden doors. It can be locked and unlocked with a key from both the inside and the outside. It works by inserting and turning the key to move the five levers into the correct position, allowing the bolt to be locked or unlocked.

How do you cut a Nightlatch?

Chisel this out using a sharp chisel. Once done, try the lock in position and chisel out more from the recess if necessary. Drill pilot holes for the screws which attach the body of the lock having checked the length of the locking bar. If the bar is too long it can be easily cut with a hacksaw.

What does a snib do?

A snib is a manually operated catch for the internal locking of Yale type locks. Once operated it prevents key holders from using the lock externally, or allows the door to be closed without the lock engaging. Colloquial also the button inside car doors for locking the car.

Is a Chubb lock a mortice lock?

Mortice Locks are far more common in the UK and Europe and are widely used particularly on wooden doors rather than uPVC doors. In the UK the Mortice Lock is sometimes referred to as a ‘Chubb’ lock, this is simply down to Chubb being a brand leader for the Mortice Lock over the last twenty years or so.

What happened Chubb locks?

The products are still sold, but rebranded as Yale and Union locks, other well known brands owned by Assa Abloy.

How do you measure a Nightlatch?

The size of a Night Latch is measured from the centre of the keyhole to the edge of the door where the night latch should finish.