What is a plumb hatchet used for?

What is a plumb hatchet used for?

The Plumb hatchet-hammer combo with nail puller and shingling gauge remains a prime collectible because one tool enabled shinglers to split a shingle, drive nails, and use the notch as a combination nail holder and spacer gauge. Another hatchet is the lathe type, which cut and split lathe strips as well as drove nails.

How do you use a shingling hatchet?

How to Use a Roofing Hammer

  1. Step One: Cut the shingle to size with the claw of the hammer.
  2. Step Two: The hammer will not cut all of the way through the shingle.
  3. Step Three: Use the shingle guide on the head of the hammer to help you position the shingle.

What hatchet is used for installing roof shingles?

Roofing hammers, also known as roofing hatchets, are made for laying shingles. They typically have a blade at one end of the head, which is used for cutting shingles and include a built-in shingle gauge. Framing hammers were designed for carpentry work and only have a curved “claw” which is used for pulling nails.

Do they still make Plumb hatchets?

The parent company was still the Cooper Group in 2010 at which time they continued to provide some hammers and some hatchets but Plumb axes are no longer made.

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Where are norlund axes made?

factory in Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Another striking tool observed with the O. A. Norlund mark is a prospector’s pick-hammer combination. The O. A.

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What is a drywall hatchet?

A drywall hammer is a specialty tool that resembles a traditional hammer, except for its milled face that’s used to grip nails and its hatchet-like end that’s used to trim drywall. The tool is mostly used for installing and modifying drywall, which is the material used to construct walls throughout your home.