What is a presacral tumor?

What is a presacral tumor?

Presacral tumors are rare tumors that develop in the area between the rectum and the bottom portion of the spine (sacrum). Also described as retrorectal, this area is normally either empty or contains only fat.

What causes presacral mass?

A presacral tumor may be caused by: Congenital conditions present from birth. Hereditary disorders such as Currarino syndrome. Cancer that has metastized from another site in the body.

What does presacral mean?

Medical Definition of presacral 1 : done or effected by way of the anterior aspect of the sacrum presacral nerve block. 2 : located anterior to the sacrum the presacral region.

What is presacral cyst?

Developmental presacral or retrorectal cysts are extremely rare congenital tumors that arise from primitive embryonal germ cell layers. Classification is based on histopathologic features, and cysts are accordingly defined as epidermoid, dermoid, or enteric cysts.

Where is the presacral area located?

The presacral space is the area between the rectum and lowest part of your the spine, which is called the sacrum. The presacral space is inside the pelvis, behind the rectum and in front of the coccyx and sacrum.

What causes presacral soft tissue thickening?

Congenital causes are the most common and include causes such as epidermoid cyst and teratoma, especially in females and chordomas especially in males. Developmental cysts tend to occur in middle-age, are associated with anorectal malformation and sacral bone defects and are generally benign.

What is presacral abscess?

A presacral abscess was defined as a localized abscess positioned anterior of the sacrum on CT scan (with rectal contrast) without the presence of a fecal general peritonitis based on anastomotic leakage.

Where is the Presacral area located?

What is Presacral abscess?

What is the difference between a tumor and an abscess?

Though cysts can appear in connection with cancer, most cysts aren’t cancerous. A cyst is distinct from a tumor because of its enclosed sac. An abscess is a pus-filled infection in body tissue. It’s usually caused by bacteria but can also be the result of viruses, parasites, or swallowed objects.