What is a recast layer?

What is a recast layer?

When the ejected material resolidifies on the wall of the laser-drilled hole, it is often referred to as recast layer. The recast layer is usually very thin, but may have properties different from the bulk material and, hence, may become undesirable in some cases or even a stress raiser if microcracks form in it (6).

What is recast metal?

Recasting metal can be done in multiple ways. It is often done as part of a welding construction or assembly, but recasting an autonomous product into a half-finished product or finished product is also possible.

What is recast layer thickness?

The average recast layer thickness (RLT) obtained with the rotary tool EDM process is 40.26 μm whereas it comes out to be 69.03 μm for the stationary tool EDM.

What is recast layer in wire EDM?

The recast layer is made up of moltenmetal particles that have been re-deposited onto the surface of the workpiece. Both the HAZ and recast layer could also contain micro-cracks that could cause stress failures of critical components.

How accurate is EDM?

While accuracies of +/- 0.00004” (0.001mm) are sometimes quoted for wire EDM, +/- 0.0002” (0.005mm) is more widely accepted. The reality is that EDM accuracy depends on a combination of workpiece characteristics, the surface finish desired, and the time available for machining.

What is the thickness of recast layer formed in EDM?

The review paper suggested that powder-added dielectric medium has proved a greater performance measure in materials than that of simple EDM [10]. The kerosene revealed the 5 µm recast layer thickness and 6 µm surface roughness in steel using a pulse duration of 75 µs and a current of 9 A [11] .

What is another word for recasting?

recasting, redrafting, reworking, reformulation, overhaul, rewriting, rewording, revision, Remelt, revamping, rethinking, reallocation, reconfiguration, redefinition, transformation, consolidation, redesign, reorganization, rescheduling, realignment, renovation.

How do I delete a layer in EDM Recast?

The recast layer on the sidewall surface can be electrolytically removed by using the side of the electrode. The removal depth of the recast layer on the sidewall surface is 10–20 μm and the surface roughness Ra is less than 0.5 μm when the feed rate is 2–3 μm/s.

What is the past tense of recast?

Recast verb forms

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What material Cannot be cut using EDM wire cut?

Due to the nature of wire EDM cutting — removing material by using rapidly repeating, controlled electrical charges along a strand of metal wire — the method is limited to electrically conductive materials. Therefore, any material that is a composite or coated with a dielectric is not feasible for EDM.

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