What is a Type C safety clamp used for?

What is a Type C safety clamp used for?

Type C Safety Clamp The KET Type “C” Safety Clamp is one of the most valuable tools on the Rig Floor. It helps guard against dropping flush-joint pipe, streamlined drill collars, etc. into the hole while making-up or breaking-out the string.

What is a ket Type MP safety clamp?

The KET Type “MP” Safety Clamp is ideal to help safeguard against dropping strings of flush joint tubing while making up or breaking out the string. The multi-link design provides uniform pressure around the pipe reducing the risk of crushing or damaging the pipe.

What is the difference between manual and multipurpose safety clamps?

Multipurpose (MP) safety clamps are adjustable to a variety of tubular. The clamp has its own box with a nut wrench and an allen wrench. Manual clamps are equipped with screw and nut combination. The nut secures the clamp around the pipe and should be tightened with the supplied nut wrench.

What size safety clamp do I Need?

For sizes larger than 4 1/2” O.D., the Type “C” Safety Clamp should be used. LINK ASSY. COMPLETE

What size pipe does the Ket type “T” safety clamp work on?

The KET Type “T” Safety Clamp is designed for small diameter pipe 1 1/8” – 4 1/2” O.D. Each link changes the effective working range approximately 1” in diameter.

How do you use a T and C type pipe clamp?

INSTALLATION To open the T and C type clamp, pull the hinge (T) pin (shown in Figure 6 – Item # 11). On the MP, loosen the nut (marked by arrow in Figure 2), releasing tension so it can swing open. Holding the handles, wrap the clamp around the pipe like a belt.

What is the weight of a t7624‐5044 safety clamp?

1‐1/8″ ‐ 2″  4  T7624‐5044  22 2‐1/8″ ‐ 3‐1/4″  5  T7624‐5045  28 3‐1/4″ ‐ 4‐1/2″  6  T7624‐5046  33 * an additional link may be necessary for air over hydraulic ** for hydraulic clamps, end part number with ‘HSC’ *** nominal weight of clamp ONLY Table 2 Type “C” Safety Clamp Size Range Chain Link Qty* Part Number** Weight (lbs) ****