What is a ver la tele?

What is a ver la tele?

English Translation. watch tv.

What is Esquiar mean in Spanish?

to ski ski
to ski. ski verb (skis, skid, skiing)

What does Creer mean Spanish?

Written by Daniela Sanchez in Grammar. In Spanish, both creer and creerse are translated as ‘to believe’ or ‘to think’.

What is the meaning of Dibujar in Spanish?

Translations. dibujar Verb. dibujar, (retratarpintar) draw, to Verb (draws; drew; drawing) depict, to Verb (depicts; depicted; depicting)

How do you pronounce ir a la escuela?

ir a la escuela

  1. eer. ah. lah. ehs. – kweh. – lah.
  2. iɾ a. la. es. – kwe. – la.
  3. ir. a. la. es. – cue. – la.

What does Deber mean in Spanish?

The everyday verb deber is most often used to express that someone has a debt or is obligated to do something. The phrase deber de can be used to indicate that something is highly probable. In the preterite, deber is used to indicate that something should have been done.

How do you use a Correr?

‘Correr’ is a regular verb in Spanish. This means that you’ll remove the ‘-ER’ from the infinitive form of the verb and add the endings shown below….Indicative.

Person Conjugation Translation
Yo correré I will run
correrás You will run
Él / Ella / Usted correrá He/She will run
Nosotros correremos We will run

What is creo que?

Creo en ti.” translating to, “You can do it! I believe in you”. You’re believing in that person, not thinking in that person. If you think that something is one way then you use, “Creo que”. If you think about someone or something, you use “Pienso que”.

How do you pronounce escuelas?

  1. ehs. – kweh. – lah.
  2. es. – kwe. – la.
  3. es. – cue. – la.

How do I reply to Buenos dias?

“Gracias. Y a usted.” “Y a usted igualmente.” Or if it is not a good day, “Gracias, pero hoy, no está.”

What does tener que mean?

we need to or have to do something
In Spanish, the verb, tener que, is the way to say that we need to or have to do something. When we use tener que, we need to change the verb, tener, so it agrees with the person or people that have to do something.

What does correr in Spanish mean?

To say ‘to run’ As the direct translation of ‘to run’, in Spanish, we use correr when expressing that something or someone is jogging or running.