What is a word for unlike any other?

What is a word for unlike any other?

dissimilar. adjectivenot alike; not capable of comparison. antithetical. antonymous. contradictory.

What is another word for not liked?

Dislike, disgust, distaste, repugnance imply antipathy toward something.

What is the same meaning of unlike?

different, dissimilar, or unequal; not alike: They contributed unlike sums to charity. preposition.

What’s another way to say online?

In this page you can discover 13 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for online, like: on-line, web based, interactive, , internet, off-line, electronic, ebook, web, e-book and downloadable.

How do you use Unlike in contrast?

unlike = in contrast to = a diferencia de Unlike my brother, I like dancing. In contrast to my brother, I like dancing.

How do you say as opposed to?

Synonyms of as opposed to

  1. compared to.
  2. (or compared with),
  3. contrasted (to)
  4. (or contrasted (with)),
  5. in comparison (to)
  6. (or in comparison (with)),
  7. in contrast (to)
  8. (or in contrast (with))

What is another word for dislike or hate?

Some common synonyms of hate are abhor, abominate, detest, and loathe. While all these words mean “to feel strong aversion or intense dislike for,” hate implies an emotional aversion often coupled with enmity or malice.

Where can I use unlike?

Unlike can be used in the following ways: as a preposition (followed by a noun): Her last book is unlike anything else she has written. as an adjective: The two boys are as unlike as any two brothers could be. The show was unlike anything we’d ever seen before.

What is opposite of online?

Antonyms. off-line unrelated off wireless. machine-accessible connected.

Whats the opposite of virtual?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for virtual. actual, real, true.

Is unlike a comparing word?

The words like and unlike are special in comparisons because they usually seem to convey an additional meaning that most of the others lack, and to give a particular problem to some writers as a result.

What is it called when you oppose something?

oppose, combat, resist, withstand mean to set oneself against someone or something. oppose can apply to any conflict, from mere objection to bitter hostility or warfare.

What is the meaning of in contrast to?

: when compared to another : when looked at or thought about in relation to similar objects or people to set off dissimilar qualities She had a big personality, which made her husband seem dull by contrast. —often + with or to In contrast with last year’s profits, the company is not doing very well.

How use unlike in a sentence?

How to use Unlike in a sentence

  • This was so unlike the girl I’d known for a lifetime.
  • Unlike an elevator, it didn’t appear to move.
  • His perspective was unique, unlike that of anyone else she’d ever met.
  • He sounded pleased, unlike the moods he’d been in lately.
  • Unlike her father, this creature was capable of sympathy.

Can we say unlike?

What does non virtual mean?

Adjective. nonvirtual (not comparable) Not virtual.