What is a Zona Zoo pass?

What is a Zona Zoo pass?

ZonaZoo is the official student section and student-ticketing program for University of Arizona Athletics. A ZonaZoo membership is your all access pass for all sporting events at The University of Arizona.

How do I cancel my ZonaZoo ticket?

ZonaZoo entrance will open 1.5 hours prior to game time. To CANCEL a reservation, please log into your online account and choose your game to cancel. All cancellations must be made online through your online account. All cancellations must be made prior to 11am on game day.

Where is the student section at U of A?

Student Section Arizona students sit in sections 1-9 on the East sideline. To search tickets in these seating areas, select an event and apply the corresponding filter.

What section is the Zonazoo?


Will Arizona basketball be punished?

The UA self-imposed a postseason ban for the 2020-21 season in hopes of having that serve as adequate punishment for its alleged infractions. By having the IARP handle the case, however, any further penalties handed down cannot be appealed.

Is the muss sold out?

All assigned seating is sold out!

Is KU in trouble with NCAA?

Kansas uses its historic rally to claim a fourth men’s NCAA basketball title. The FBI’s investigation led the NCAA to allege five Level I violations — which represent a severe breach of conduct — against the Kansas men’s basketball program in September 2019, including head coach Bill Self and assistant Kurtis Townsend.

What is muss U of U?

The MUSS is the University of Utah’s student fan club for all of the athletics teams on campus including football, men’s and women’s basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, and baseball.

How much is a muss pass?

What is the price for a MUSS premium membership? A student MUSS premium membership is $50. Each MUSS member is allowed to register up to TWO non- student guests for an additional $275 per guest.

What is Kansas in trouble for?

What is a Level 3 NCAA violation?

A Level 3 violation is “isolated or limited in nature, provides no more than a minimal recruiting, competitive or other advantage, and provides no more than a minimal impermissible benefit,” according to the NCAA. The sports that committed Level 3 violations include: softball, soccer (twice), gymnastics and football.

Is Bill Self still married?

The Self family doesn’t stop with Bill and Cindy. They have a daughter named Lauren who graduated from Kansas in 2013 works for the Richard, Texas Young Life community. Lauren and her husband Hayden have two daughters. Their son Tyler Self was a member of the KU basketball team from 2012 to 2017.

How do I get to the ZonaZoo website?

To visit the official ZONAZOO website, please click here. Due to the student athletics fee, ALL undergraduate students (new and transfer students), who enrolled in Fall 2017 or later, will be able to attend all sports for free EXCEPT for football and men’s basketball. Please see more detailed information on ZonaZoo memberships below.

Are ZonaZoo and student Wildcat club memberships on sale now?

all zonazoo and student wildcat club memberships are on sale now! Admission to all baseball, women’s basketball, softball, volleyball, gymnastics, and soccer home events Admission to all sports, including football* and men’s basketball** Available for graduate students that have paid the athletic fee ONLY

How does the Minnesota Zoo membership work with other zoos?

The Minnesota Zoo membership entitles you to discounted admission to more than 100+ zoos across the country. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it is at the discretion of the participating zoos and aquariums as to whether they will be able to honor entrance benefits during this time.

Where is the ZonaZoo at McKale Center?

The ZonaZoo line for football is on the East Side of the Stadium across from the Football Practice Facility. For Men’s Basketball, there is a special ZonaZoo entrance on the west side of The McKale Center right by the bridge that connects McKale to the Cherry Garage.