What is action forward in struts?

What is action forward in struts?

An ActionForward represents a destination to which the controller, RequestProcessor, might be directed to perform a RequestDispatcher. forward or HttpServletResponse. sendRedirect to, as a result of processing activities of an Action class.

What is forward name in struts config XML?

Contains the global forward definitions. The forward name is the logical name used to map to a specific JSP. The logical name mappings for commonly used presentation pages are specified here. The element contains the logical name and the name of the corresponding resource which it maps to.

What is action path in struts config XML?

The action-mappings section of the struts-config. xml file is by far the most important one because it is the one that defines the application’s workflow: This determines which request is mapped to which Action subclass and, from there, which possible forwards can be invoked, adding the global-forwards to the list.

What is filter Struts2?

In the web. xml file, Struts defines its FilterDispatcher, the Servlet Filter class that initializes the Struts framework and handles all requests. This filter can contain initialization parameters that affect what, if any, additional configuration files are loaded and how the framework should behave.

Which of the following is correct about redirect result type?

Q 22 – Which of the following is correct about redirect result type? A – It is used to forward to a servlet, JSP, HTML page, and so on, on the server.

How do you pass parameters to Struts Action class?

In this method, we have to do the following:

  1. Declare a property named params of type Map – this map will hold all the parameters passed to the action class from the struts. xml file.
  2. Make the action class implementing the com. opensymphony. xwork2. config. entities.

What is an action interceptor?

Interceptors allow for crosscutting functionality to be implemented separately from the action as well as the framework. You can achieve the following using interceptors − Providing preprocessing logic before the action is called. Providing postprocessing logic after the action is called.