What is alter ego in corporate law?

What is alter ego in corporate law?

Definition. Legal doctrine whereby the court finds a corporation lacks a separate identity from an individual or corporate shareholder, resulting in injustice to the corporation’s debtors.

What is alter ego defense?

In a situation where a defendant has used deadly force to defend another person, the Alter Ego Rule requires that the defendant stand in the shoes of the person who was being defended to determine if using deadly force for defense was appropriate.

Is alter ego a form of vicarious liability?

Vicarious Liability Courts apply a variety of factors to determine whether one corporation can be fairly categorized as the alter-ego of another corporation. These factors often vary by state. However, they typically focus on: The degree of control exercised by one corporation over another.

Can a corporation be an alter ego of another corporation?

The doctrine of disregarding the corporate entity because the corporation is the alter ego of others is applicable not only where the corporation is the alter ego of the individuals forming it but also where the corporation is so organized and controlled, and its affairs are so conducted as to make it merely an …

What are the elements of alter ego?

There are, nevertheless, two general requirements: (1) that there be a unity of interest and ownership that the separate personalities of the corporation and the individual(s) no longer exists, and (2) that, if the acts are treated as those of the corporation alone, an inequitable result will follow.

How do you prove alter ego?

To make a claim for alter ego under California law, a litigator would have to prove two key elements:

  1. Unity of Interests. The shareholders in question have treated the corporation as their “alter ego,” rather than as a separate entity; and.
  2. Inequitable Result.

Is alter ego a cause of action?

Citing no less an authority than the California Supreme Court, the appellate court concluded, “California law does not recognize an alter ego claim or cause of action that will allow a corporation and its shareholders to be treated as alter egos for purposes of all of the corporation’s debts.” The California Supreme …

What causes an alter ego?

The alter egos may be triggered by stressors. The various alter egos may refuse each other, conflict with one another, be hostile to one another or not want to acknowledge the others existence.

What is alter ego cause of action?

Generally, What is an “Alter Ego” Cause of Action? The “alter ego” doctrine allows a party to pierce the corporate veil and pursue shareholders of a corporation based upon the manner in which the corporation has been managed.

Who has alter ego?

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