What is an AEA code on ERB?

What is an AEA code on ERB?

o Adds assignment eligibility and availability (AEA) code I (soldiers who have approved applications for warrant officer, Officer Candidate School and who are awaiting class start date or Green to Gold Program) (table 3-1).

What does YEAR month available mean?

You have been assigned a Year Month Available to Move (YMAV) that aligns you with the current ASK-EM market. For Soldiers under a formal stabilization, the primary factor considered in the assignment process is your Year Month of Assignment Eligibility and Availability Termination (YMAEAT) expiration date.

What is KD complete in Army?

Unequivocally, all fiscal year 2017 lieutenant colonel selectees had at least one “most qualified” officer evaluation report (OER) during their key developmental (KD) positions. This is the most important promotion statistic about going from major to lieutenant colonel.

What does 9B mean on my ERB?

9B, Adverse Action Flag (Flag Codes A, U, and V). ( 19) 9Z, Weight (Does not meet acceptable weight standards). ( 20)

Is Army satisfaction key down?

The Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK) is currently down.

What is 91 series MOS in the Army?

Mechanical Maintenance
MOS Chart Information

MOS Title Of MOS Training Location
91 Series – Mechanical Maintenance
91A M1 Abrams Tank System Maintainer FT Benning
91B Wheel Vehicle Mechanic FT Lee
91C Utilities Equipment Repairer FT Lee

What is the military jail called?

A brig is a United States military prison aboard a United States Navy or Coast Guard vessel, or at an American naval or Marine Corps base. The term derives from the Navy’s historical use of twin-mast sailing vessels—known as brigs—as prison ships.

How do I find my OML number Army?

SSG David Smith the DA Photo is no longer a requirement for the “Evaluation board.” The OML number is located in your ACT. There’s a tab that says “OML number.” You will receive the number after the board has convened. You become eligible at 18 months TIG, but you cannot pin E7 until 36 months TIG.

How do I check my YMAV?

YMAV is now added to the Assignment Satisfaction Key (ASK) website. Under the Preferences/Volunteer tab on ASK, Soldiers will be able to view their YMAV. They should reach out to their Assignment Managers at HRC if they have any questions or concerns reference their YMAV.

What does known losses mean on my ERB?

Your unit has to slot people. You can be working a job and still be slotted as a known loss. That just means your unit does not know how to slot people.