What is an endplate fracture?

What is an endplate fracture?

Traumatic end plate fracture (EPF) refers to the EPF caused by trauma, rather than the pathological status of the end plate (EP). It is mainly need to differentiated from the osteoporosis EPF, which is characterized by low bone density and microstructure degradation, leading bone to fracture in a low-energy.

How do you treat an L4 fracture?

Treatment. The most common treatments for a thoracic compression fracture are: pain medications, decreasing activity, and bracing. In rare cases, surgery may also be necessary.

How long does it take for a L4 fracture to heal?

A spinal fracture takes between six and 12 weeks to heal. During the healing process, spinal bones don’t return to their normal shape. They heal in their new compressed shape. This can lead to height loss and curvature of the spine.

How serious is an L4 fracture?

Because of the risk of injury to the spinal cord with any vertebrae fracture, an L4 compression fracture is a life-threatening injury, although the actual level of permanent damage varies greatly.

What is the superior endplate of a vertebrae?

A vertebral end plate is the transition region where a vertebral body and intervertebral disc interface with each other. A vertebral end plate is commonly described as consisting of 2 layers: Cartilaginous layer (also called cartilaginous endplate) that fuses with the disc.

Where is an endplate fracture?

This means that fractures of the vertebral endplate are most common over the central zone of the vertebral body. The vertebral endplates are the weakest component part of the spine. They can easily suffer minute fracture with traumatic forces transmitted up through the spine.

Is an endplate fracture a compression fracture?

In vitro studies reveal that the most likely type of failure of this anterior part of the spine is a fracture of the endplate as a result of compression. The high incidence of aspecific low back pain concurs with the likeliness of compression fractures of the endplate to occur in everyday life.

What is a fractured L4?

Definition/Description. Fractures of lumbar vertebrae occur in the setting of either severe trauma or pathologic weakening of the bone, see image R L4 compression fracture. Osteoporosis is the underlying cause of many lumbar fractures, especially in postmenopausal women.

What causes endplate fractures?

Do end plate fractures heal?

Because they block nutrient pathways, endplate fractures fast-track the breakdown of the intervertebral disc as the small pores in the endplate cartilage heal over. At the same time, the bone immediately behind the endplate becomes tougher and harder (sclerotic) which also impedes the nutrient traffic.