What is an example of proprietary in a sentence?

What is an example of proprietary in a sentence?

Examples of proprietary in a Sentence The investors have a proprietary interest in the land. The computer comes with the manufacturer’s proprietary software. “Merriam-Webster” is a proprietary name. The journalist tried to get access to proprietary information.

How do you use propriety?

Use “propriety” in a sentence | “propriety” sentence examples

  1. They discussed the propriety of treating ill children against the wishes of the parents.
  2. We hesitated at the propriety of the method.
  3. The way tourists dress offends local standards of propriety.
  4. Their sense of social propriety is eroded.

Why does proprietary mean?

Proprietary refers to property: things that are owned by individuals or businesses. People talk about proprietary drugs, proprietary software, and other things that can only be made and sold by those who discovered or created them. A proprietary claim is usually protected by trademark or copyright.

What’s another word for proprietary?

In this page you can discover 14 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for proprietary, like: proprietory, restrictive, propietary, proprietorship, nonproprietary, software, intellectual property, patented, third party, anti-copy and patent pending.

How do you make something proprietary?

For information to be considered proprietary by a court, a company must treat the information as confidential. Courts will not find readily available information or public information proprietary. The information must also give the company a competitive advantage to be considered proprietary.

What is a propriety meaning?

Definition of propriety 1 : the quality or state of being proper or suitable : appropriateness. 2a : conformity to what is socially acceptable in conduct or speech. b proprieties plural : the customs and manners of polite society. c : fear of offending against conventional rules of behavior especially between the sexes.

What does want of propriety mean?

The Bennets are despised by Darcy because of their want of propriety = meaning he scorns them because they are intent on finding suitable husbands for their daughters, with ‘proprieties’ and possibly titles.

What is a proprietor?

: a person who owns something : owner. proprietor. noun. pro·​pri·​e·​tor | \ prə-ˈprī-ə-tər \

What is another word for proprietary?

What are proprietary items?

A proprietary item is considered any patented material, specification, or process that can only be obtained from one manufacturer. These items are generally identified by the use of a trade name.

What is a proprietary item?

Does propriety mean property?

Property is a noun, which may be used as an adjective to indicate what kind of rights are involved. In the context of intellectual property, proprietary is an adjective meaning privately owned and not publicly available. (Propriety is the state of being proper, and is not related to property.

What is a synonym for proprietary?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for proprietary. exclusive, single, sole, unshared.

What is a school proprietor?

The proprietor is the legal entity that owns the school. The role of the proprietor is primarily concerned with the governance of the school, including: long-term financial planning. administrative policies and. accountability.

How do you write a short proprietor?

(abbreviation prop.)

What is a proprietary good?

Proprietary products, ideas and objects are the property of the owner and cannot be recreated without the consent of the owner. Patents are usually involved covering the idea, object and product.

Why is proprietary important?

Proprietary information is important, possibly sensitive information that a company owns. This information usually gives the company competitive advantage(s) in its market. Things that can be used, known, produced, manufactured and/or marketed under the exclusive legal right of the inventor or maker may be proprietary.

What is proprietary land?

The term “Proprietary Property” is collectively and severally defined as any written or tangible property owned or used by Company in connection with Company’s business, whether or not such property also qualifies as Confidential Information.

How do you say proprietary?

Break ‘proprietary’ down into sounds: [PRUH] + [PRY] + [UH] + [TREE] – say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them. Record yourself saying ‘proprietary’ in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.