What is another name for life insurance?

What is another name for life insurance?

•life assurance (noun) life assurance.

What is the synonym of the word illness?

sickness, disease, ailment, disorder, complaint, malady, affliction, attack, infection, contagion, disability, indisposition. bug, virus. ill health, poor health, infirmity, valetudinarianism.

What’s another word for critical condition?

What is another word for in critical condition?

terminally ill at death’s door
critically ill on the critical list
on your deathbed

What is of critical importance synonym?

all-important. consequential. critical. crucial.

What is the synonym of insurance?

Synonyms. assurance. endowment assurance. cover. Make sure that the firm’s accident cover is adequate.

What is a synonym for insurance policy?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for insurance, like: coverage, security, protection, premiums, support, life insurance, guarantee, backing, allowance, safeguard and warranty.

Is illness is synonymous with disease?

Illness is a state of poor health or sickness, as in I’ve had to miss a lot of work due to illness. The word illness is also commonly used to refer to a disease or instance of sickness.

What do you call serious illness?

medical a chronic illness or chronic pain is serious and lasts for a long time. A serious illness or pain that lasts only for a short time is described as acute.

What is critically ill?

Abstract. Critical illness is a life-threatening multisystem process that can result in significant morbidity or mortality. In most patients, critical illness is preceded by a period of physiological deterioration; but evidence suggests that the early signs of this are frequently missed.

What is the importance of synonyms?

It is important because synonyms can help you enhance the quality of your writing by providing your readers with a crisp and unique outlook of your text. Furthermore, it can also improve both your oral skills and your writing skills, as noted in the following section.

What is a synonym and antonym for critical?

adjective. ( ˈkrɪtɪkəl) Being in or verging on a state of crisis or emergency. Antonyms. noncritical noncrucial pointless dull chronic unimportant joyful. acute grievous serious desperate dire.

Does critical mean urgent?

Urgent is a timing judgment. A situation where judgment is needed to effect the situation positively is critical.

What is a synonym for health insurance?

socialized medicine noungovernment-provided health care. Medicaid. Medicare. health insurance. sickness insurance.

What is another word for health insurance?

What is another word for health insurance?

Medicare Medicaid
comprehensive medical insurance group medical insurance
health plan major medical
managed care state medicine
sickness insurance socialized medicine

What is the synonym of assurance?

Some common synonyms of assurance are aplomb, confidence, and self-possession.

How much critical illness cover do you really need?

The amount of critical illness cover you require will depend on your personal circumstances and the financial impact you becoming critically ill would have on you and your family. Using our critical illness calculator (below) will help you to determine how much critical illness cover you require.

Is it worth getting critical illness cover?

Why critical illness cover is worth it Critical illness cover can be expensive – more so than basic income protection or life insurance. For this reason, some advisers and clients have shied away from the cover, but most respondents to this guide suggest that while it may be expensive, critical illness cover (CIC) is worth paying for.

How to claim life insurance or critical illness?

According to the ABI, critical illness claims dropped by 7pc last year compared with 2019. But the industry still paid out £6.2billion in life insurance, income protection and critical illness claims — the highest combined figure on record.

What is critical illness insurance and what does it cover?

In a nutshell, critical illness cover protects you and your loved ones from the financial impact of a critical illness such as cancer or having a heart attack or stroke. In the event of this, you would receive a lump sum pay out while you are still alive. 💛 How does critical illness cover work?