What is arthrofibrosis from ACL?

What is arthrofibrosis from ACL?

Arthrofibrosis is defined as a loss of 15 degrees extension or more, with or without flexion loss compared to the contralateral knee.

How common is arthrofibrosis after ACL surgery?

Arthrofibrosis remains a rare but potentially devastating complication after ACL reconstruction and roughly 2% of patients had postoperative stiffness that required intervention. Female patients are at higher risk for arthrofibrosis.

How do you fix arthrofibrosis of the knee?

Treatment for arthrofibrosis may initially include non-operative measures such as: rest, ice, anti-inflammatory medications, and physical therapy. For more severe cases, orthopedic knee surgery may be needed. Your physician will use an arthroscopic method to treat arthrofibrosis.

How do you prevent arthrofibrosis after ACL surgery?

Prevention. Preventing arthrofibrosis after surgery is best accomplished with early range of motion rehabilitation. Arthrofibrosis used to be much more common after ACL surgery when healthcare providers used to restrict patients’ mobility to allow the ligament to heal.

Can arthrofibrosis be permanent?

A patient is said to have arthrofibrosis when the limitation in knee joint ROM becomes permanent despite conservative treatments. A common cause of arthrofibrosis is improper rehabilitation or surgery for ACL reconstruction, but it can also occur after other intra-articular knee surgeries or knee injuries.

How can you prevent arthrofibrosis after ACL surgery?

Preventing Arthrofibrosis

  1. Gentle physical exercise like walking on a treadmill.
  2. Wearing a compression brace to keep the joint in place and provide extra support.
  3. Using a continuous passive motion machine (CPM) to move your knee through a specific range of motion.

Does arthrofibrosis worsen?

Symptoms begin gradually and worsen as the knee is moved less and less due to pain following a trauma, complication of poor joint mobilization with physical therapy or non-compliance with a home exercise program following surgical management. By utilizing the knee less, adhesions form within the joint and soft tissue.

How long is recovery arthrofibrosis?

With walking and leg strengthening exercises, most people regain normal use of their knee within four to six weeks. The swelling, pain, and limited motion ceases three to four months after the surgery.