What is bundle installation?

What is bundle installation?

bundle install is a command we use to install the dependencies specified in your Gemfile.

What is bundle install in rails?

Bundler makes sure that Ruby applications always use the exact gems and versions that you need while keeping a consistent environment and gem dependencies satisfied. This is done by ensuring that the gems you need are present in the development, staging, and production stages.

What is bundle package?

bundle package will copy all the gems required by your application into the vendor/cache folder. This also includes dependencies required by the gems.

What is a service bundle?

Service bundling, is defined as “the integration and sale of two or more separate services at a price”. Such integration provides users with value added like, for example, interconnectivity, enhanced performance, reduced transaction costs or convenience from single interaction (one-stop-shop).

Why do we need bundle exec?

bundle exec allows us to run an executable script in the specific context of the project’s bundle. Upon running the above command, bundle exec will run the executable script for rake version specified in project’s Gemfile thus avoiding any conflicts with other versions of rake installed system-wide.

What does bundle exec Rspec do?

Description. This command executes the command, making all gems specified in the Gemfile(5) available to require in Ruby programs. Essentially, if you would normally have run something like rspec spec/my_spec.

What is the difference between install and bundle mode in Cisco?

The Install mode and the Bundle mode of operation have the following restrictions: Booting from a USB driver or TFTP in Install mode is not supported. Booting the switch in Bundle mode consumes more memory than the Install mode because the packages are extracted from the bundle and copied to the RAM.

What is bundle mode in Cisco switch?

Bundle Mode. The Bundle mode uses the monolithic Cisco IOS images to boot a switch. This mode will use more RAM memory than the Install mode since the packages are extracted from the bundle and copied to RAM during bootup.

Why do I need bundle exec?