What is cast function in DB2?

What is cast function in DB2?

DB2 CAST is a function available in DB2 that is used for explicit conversion of the data type of a particular value to another datatype.

How do you remove leading zeros in DB2?

In DB2 (Express-C 9.7. 5) you can use the SQL standard TRIM() function: db2 => CREATE TABLE tbl (vc VARCHAR(64)) DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully. db2 => INSERT INTO tbl (vc) VALUES (‘00001 00’), (‘00026 00’) DB20000I The SQL command completed successfully.

How do I fix varchar to numeric?

In order to resolve the conversion error, you just need to remove the comma (,) from the varchar value that you want to convert to numeric. Note: At this point, you also need to make sure that the varchar value to be converted, is the actual number you wish to convert to the numeric data type.

How do I remove all zeros from a number in SQL?

SELECT CEIL((AVG(salary)) – (AVG(REPLACE(salary, ‘0’, ”)))) AS avg_salary FROM employees; REPLACE() : used to remove 0 from salary.

How do I remove leading zeros from a string in SQL?

Basically it performs three steps:

  1. Replace each 0 with a space – REPLACE([CustomerKey], ‘0’, ‘ ‘)
  2. Use the LTRIM string function to trim leading spaces – LTRIM()
  3. Lastly, replace all spaces back to 0 – REPLACE(, ‘ ‘, ‘0’)

What does || mean in DB2?

The || is shorthand for CONCAT .

How do I concatenate in Db2?

The DB2 CONCAT function will combine two separate expressions to form a single string expression. You can also combine two seperate expression to form a single string expression using ‘||’ (double pipe) notation. Concatenation: It is joining values together (by appending them to each other) to form a single long value.

What is NVL in Db2?

DB2 NVL is used to handle the NULL values that might be present in the data or a list of values that are specified. When the data is stored in DB2 RDBMS, we use the tables and store the data in rows and columns format.

What is the difference between TO_CHAR and TO_DATE functions in SQL?

to_char function is used to convert the given data into character…. to_date is used to convert the given data into date data formate data type…. eg: to_date(‘070903’, ‘MMDDYY’ ) would return a date value of July 9, 2003.