What is considered the Eastern Panhandle?

What is considered the Eastern Panhandle?

The Eastern Panhandle is the eastern of the two panhandles in the U.S. state of West Virginia; the other is the Northern Panhandle. It is a small stretch of territory in the northeast of the state, bordering Maryland and Virginia….Largest municipalities.

City Martinsburg
2010 17,227
2000 14,972
1990 14,073
1980 13,063

How many counties are in the Eastern Panhandle?

eight counties
The panhandle includes eight counties, 3,490 square miles, and a 2010 population of 261,041. Thus, the panhandle accounts for about 15 percent of the land area of West Virginia and about 14 percent of the people.

What counties in WV are panhandle?


  • Hancock County.
  • Brooke County.
  • Ohio County.
  • Marshall County.

What is the only US state with two panhandles?

Out of all 50 states, West Virginia has the most distinct shape, with two panhandles extending to the north and east.

Why does West Virginia have two panhandles?

Virginia ceded its Northwest Territory after some cajoling, and Congress accepted its offer in 1784. Virginia’s western border became the Ohio River and this created the odd panhandle.

What is the Eastern Panhandle of WV known for?

Just a short distance from Washington and Baltimore, West Virginia’s Eastern Panhandle revives visitors with a relaxed atmosphere full of history, scenery and small-town charm. Berkeley Springs, known for its healing waters since George Washington’s time, remains a popular spa destination today.

What is the oldest county in WV?

Hampshire County
As of 2019, the US Census population was estimated at 23,175. Its county seat is Romney, West Virginia’s oldest town (1762). Hampshire County was created by the Virginia General Assembly on December 13, 1753, from parts of Frederick and Augusta counties (Virginia) and is the oldest county in the state of West Virginia.

Why is West Virginia border so weird?

West Virginia is irregularly shaped because most of its borders follow natural features such as rivers and mountains. A narrow strip of land called the Northern Panhandle runs northward between Ohio and Pennsylvania, while the Eastern Panhandle runs northeastward between Maryland and Virginia.

Why does West Virginia have a panhandle?