What is corporate identifier MaaS360?

What is corporate identifier MaaS360?

Corporate ID. The corporate email ID of your MaaS360 account that is defined in the Directory and Enrollment settings. Prompt for Device name. Users can provide the name of the device during the enrollment. If this option is not selected, the device ID and model number are used for the device name by default.

How do I set up MaaS360?


  1. Choose one of the following actions to begin the enrollment process:
  2. Paste the activation URL in the browser and then tap Start.
  3. Tap Install.
  4. Tap Accept.
  5. Tap Open when the MaaS360 MDM for Android app installation process is complete.
  6. Type your email address and tap Continue.

How do I register a device in MaaS360?

To enable the Android Enterprise feature in the MaaS360 Portal, go to Setup > Services > Mobile Device Management, and then select the Enable Android Enterprise Solution Set checkbox. The WorkPlace Persona policy applied to the device that you are enrolling in MaaS360.

How do I set up MaaS360 on my iPhone?


  1. Open the Safari browser on your device and tap the MaaS360 enrollment request URL from your enrollment request notification email or text message.
  2. If a QR code is provided in the enrollment request notification, scan the QR code.

What is MaaS360 used for?

The IBM® MaaS360® Mobile Device Management (SaaS) is an enterprise mobility management (EMM) platform that provides visibility and control of smartphones and tablets in the enterprise. The IBM MaaS360 software supports devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone.

How do I Unenroll a device from MaaS360?

Tap “Maas360 MDM Profile” 5. Scroll to the bottom and tap “REMOVE MANAGEMENT” 6. Enter your passcode at the prompt and select DONE at the top right corner 7. Tap “REMOVE MANAGEMENT” 8.

How do I find my MDM enrollment URL?


  1. Navigate to Devices > Device Settings > Devices & Users > Apple > Automated Enrollment.
  2. Select Enable Automated Enrollment.
  3. Select the Platform for staging.
  4. Select the appropriate Staging Mode depending on how the device is going to be used.
  5. Select Copy and follow the prompt to copy the MDM Server URL.

How do I register a device on MDM?

Automated Device Enrollment lets you automate Mobile Device Management (MDM) enrollment and simplify initial device setup….Enroll your organization

  1. Sign in to Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager.
  2. Click “Enroll now.”
  3. Enter the information for your organization.

How do I register for MDM?

Can MaaS360 track Web browsing?

Does MaaS360 track your browsing history? No, MaaS360 won’t be able to track your browsing history. It is impossible for people to track your browsing history through mobile device management. The reason for this is that iOS apps are basically sandboxed.

Is MaaS360 a tracking device?

MaaS360 detects the location of a device based on the frequency setting configured in the policy. If this setting is configured to check the device often, you might drain the battery on the device.

What data does MaaS360 collect?

MaaS360® provides Personal Identifiable Information (PII) also known as Personal Information (PI) data or privacy information on a user device. Privacy information is data that is collected by MaaS360 for an active user device.

How do I delete MaaS360 MDM profile?

How do I delete a license in MaaS360?

Click Locate Active Devices to display a map of the location of devices that are actively managed by MaaS360. For more information about locating active devices, see the Locating active devices in the MaaS360 Portal topic. Click Delete Device to delete an inactive device.

Where can I find my MDM application ID?

The Client ID/Application ID is created automatically once the AAD web application/API is created. You can view the client ID/application ID from the application properties page. Every organization in Microsoft cloud is called tenant and it is organization specific.

What is my MDM application ID?

Application ID The client ID of your MDM app that is configured within your tenant. This ID is the unique identifier for your multi-tenant app.

What is MDM registration?

Mobile device enrollment is the first phase of enterprise management. The device is configured to communicate with the MDM server using security precautions during the enrollment process. The enrollment service verifies that only authenticated and authorized devices can be managed by their enterprise.

How do I find my MDM application ID?

You can view the client ID/application ID from the application properties page. Every organization in Microsoft cloud is called tenant and it is organization specific. Each Tenant will be having a unique Tenant ID. Select the web application/API and click Endpoints tab and then you can copy the tenant ID.

How do I find my MDM URL?

1 Answer. To access Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center->Devices->Enroll device->Automatic Enrollment, and check if the MDM URLs are there. If not, click “Restore default MDM URLs” to see if we can get the URLs.

Can MaaS360 see search history?