What is difference between DropDownList and DropdownListFor?

What is difference between DropDownList and DropdownListFor?

DropdownListFor is support strongly type and it name assign by lambda Expression so it shows compile time error if have any error. DropdownList not support this.

What is HTML DropdownListFor?

The Html. DropDownList() method generates a element with specified name, list items and html attributes. Visit docs.microsoft.com to know all the overloads of DropDownList() method. Example: Html.DropDownList() in Razor View.

What is HTML helper method?

An HTML Helper is just a method that returns a string. The string can represent any type of content that you want. For example, you can use HTML Helpers to render standard HTML tags like HTML and tags.

How bind dropdown from database in MVC?

For that add a View by right-clicking inside ActionResult and select AddView and provide its name as Index. After adding the View add a Namespace to the Model as shown below. Here we can directly access the MobileList from the Model. Now just run the application and just check it.

Why is it better to use tag helpers?

Tag helpers are especially good news for page designers. Because tag helpers attach themselves to HTML elements, page designers get to work with tags they actually understand (unlike HtmlHelpers that are, essentially, opaque to anyone with HTML and CSS knowledge).

What are the advantages of tag helper?

Some advantages of using Tag Helpers

  • An HTML-friendly development experience.
  • A rich IntelliSense environment for creating HTML and Razor markup.
  • A way to make you more productive and able to produce more robust, reliable, and maintainable code using information only available on the server.

How do I bind a DropDownList in HTML?

Just add an Html helper for DropDownList and provide a static list of SelectListItem. The values added as SelectListItem will be added and displayed in the DropDownList. In this way, you do not need to add anything to Controller Action. This method is best suitable when values are pre-defined like Gender, Type, etc.

What is dropdownlistfor HTML helper?

Understanding DropDownListFor HTML Helper in ASP.NET MVC Application. What is a DropDownList? A DropDownList in ASP.NET MVC application is nothing but a collection of SelectListItem objects. Depending on your business requirement you may either hard code the values or you may retrieve the values from a database table.

How do I create an HTML select list using dropdownlist?

The DropDownList helper used to create an HTML select list requires a IEnumerable , either explicitly or implicitly.

What is returns in HTML drop down list control?

Returns an HTML drop-down list control that has the specified name, custom attributes defined by an attribute object, and default selection, and that contains the specified list items and default item. The value to assign to the name attribute of the HTML select element.

How do I add departments to a drop-down list?

The first item in the drop-down list will be “Select Department”. The downside of hard-coding the DropDownList value within the code itself is that if we have to add or remove departments from the DropDownList then the code needs to be modified each and every time.