What is Dodge jaw crusher?

What is Dodge jaw crusher?

Dodge Crushers are Jaw Crushers wherein the moving plate is pivoted at the bottom and connected to an eccentric shaft. In universal crushers the plates are pivoted in the middle so that both the top and the bottom ends can move.

What is Blake jaw crusher?

The original crusher of jaw type. A crusher with one fixed jaw plate and one pivoted at the top so as to give the greatest movement on the smallest lump. Motion is imparted to the lower end of the crushing jaw by toggle joint operated by eccentric.

What’s the difference between a jaw crusher and a gyratory crusher?

The gyratory crusher is mainly used for coarse crushing of various hard material in the primary crushing stage, but it is not suitable for crushing viscous ore. Jaw crusher can crush high moisture, viscous ore, and not easily blocked.

What is a gyratory crusher?

A gyratory crusher includes a solid cone set on a revolving shaft and placed within a hollow body, which has conical or vertical sloping sides. Material is crushed when the crushing surfaces approach each other and the crushed products fall through the discharging opening.

Which motor is preferred for jaw crushers?

Belt slip ring IM
2. Which motor is preferred for Jaw crushers? Explanation: Belt slip ring IM is preferred for the operation of Jaw crushers.

What is a gyro crusher?

Definition of gyratory crusher : a mill for crushing ore or rock or other materials that consists of a cone-shaped burr rotating in the throat of a broad stationary funnel.

What are the disadvantages of crusher?

Disadvantages of semi-fixed stone crusher machines The fixing and relocation of the crusher need a fixed foundation, multiple times of civil construction, and the cost is high; The frame of the crusher and the foundation buried in the ground are discarded, resulting in a large investment cost.

Which crusher is the best?

Gyratory Crushers are an excellent choice for a primary crusher, as they can handle very hard and abrasive material. They are ideal for dry to slightly wet material but not sticky material. Gyratories are compression crushers primarily used for heavy mining and quarried materials in extremely high tonnage applications.

What is a Hydroset crusher?

Cone Crusher HydrosetThe Cone Crusher HYDROSET, which is a hydraulic method of adjusting the size that the crushers will crush to, has a release mechanism that allows the mantle to drop should the work load be exceeded.

Which is better cone crusher or jaw crusher?

The gyratory body of cone crusher is higher, twice or three times of jaw crusher, and the workshop cost is larger. The weight of cone crusher is larger than that of jaw crusher with the same output by 1-2 times, so the equipment cost is higher.