What is eddy current loss formula?

What is eddy current loss formula?

Eddy current loss Pe(W) in watts is equal to the product of Ke – co-efficient of eddy current in numbers, maximum flux density Bm in Wb/m2, thickness of lamination t in meters, Frequency F(Hz) in Hz and Volume of the magnetic material V(m^3) in m3.

What is eddy current losses?

If an eddy current of magnitude I flows through a core path of resistance r, it will dissipate energy in the form of heat according to the power equation power = I2R. Since this represents energy being expended for no useful purpose, it is considered as an eddy current loss, sometimes called iron loss.

What is the best way to minimize eddy current?

The Eddy currents can be minimised by using laminated core, which consists of thin sheets of metals insulated from each other by a thin layer of varnish instead of single solid mass. The planes of the sheet are placed perpendicular to the direction of the currents that would be setup by the emf induced in the material.

What is the difference between hysteresis and eddy current loss?

Difference between hysteresis loss and eddy current loss Hysteresis loss is caused due to molecular friction in a ferromagnetic material, under alternating magnetic field. Eddy current loss us caused due to the induction of eddy current in the core and conductors held in magnetic field.

What is the difference between hysteresis loss and eddy current loss?

How does lamination reduce eddy current loss?

Complete answer: Laminations about the transformer’s core give small gaps in between, which enhances the coil’s resistance. This resistance will decrease the total current and thus holds the eddy current losses. Lamination is made to decrease the eddy current loss by enhancing the resistance of the core.

On what factors eddy current loss depends?

Detailed Solution. Thus, we can say that eddy current loss depends on frequency, flux density and thickness of the core.

What can reduce hysteresis and eddy current loss?

One easy solution for how to reduce eddy current losses in the transformer is to make the core by stacking thin sheets together. This will decrease the eddy current and hence the losses made by it too.

What is the main disadvantage of eddy currents?

Disadvantages of Eddy Currents: There is a major heat loss during cycling eddy currents due to friction in the magnetic circuit, especially where the core is saturated. Thus there is the loss of useful electrical energy in the form of heat.

What are applications of eddy currents?

Its main applications are induction cooking, induction furnace used to heat metals to their melting point, welding, brazing etc.