What is Foucault disciplinary society?

What is Foucault disciplinary society?

A disciplinary society is a society where one becomes a docile body due to the presence, or threat of, constant surveillance. Disciplinary society was a term first used by Michel Foucault to describe a condition of surveillance.

What is Foucault’s theory of disciplinary power?

DISCIPLINARY POWER & CONSUMER RESEARCH. According to Foucault disciplinary power characterises the way in which the relations of inequality and oppression in modern western societies are (re)produced through the psychological complex.

What is Foucault’s main argument in Discipline and Punish?

Foucault’s argument is that discipline creates “docile bodies”, ideal for the new economics, politics and warfare of the modern industrial age – bodies that function in factories, ordered military regiments, and school classrooms.

What does Foucault argue in Discipline and Punish?

The relationship between power and knowledge is central to Foucault’s work. Discipline and Punish essentially charts the reorganization of the power to punish, and the development of various bodies of knowledge (the human sciences) that reinforce and interact with that power.

What are the three elements of discipline?

Disciplinary power has three elements: hierarchical observation, normalizing judgment and examination. Observation and the gaze are key instruments of power. By these processes, and through the human sciences, the notion of the norm developed.

What is the difference between sovereign and disciplinary power?

For example, sovereign power is exercised through physical punishment and rewards. Disciplinary power, on the other hand, is exercised through surveillance and knowledge.

How does Foucault define punishment?

Foucault ultimately suggests that it is the use and subjugation of power that influences an institutions use of punishment. He rejects any notion that the development of this system had been motivated by any humanitarian ideals, or that this philosophy of punishment was initially intended as a form of rehabilitation.

What does Foucault say about disciplinary power?

Foucault’s disciplinary power is a mechanism of power that does not use force or coercion to obtain compliance, but instead relies on everyday institutions and interactions to allow individuals to govern their own behaviour.