What is going on with the Bates family?

What is going on with the Bates family?

Bringing Up Bates Season 11 isn’t happening and the show is taken off-air. The news was announced by UP TV themselves. On January 18th, 2022, they announced that Bringing Up Bates Season 11 is canceled. Bringing Up Bates is a story that revolves around the Bates family and is an American reality show.

What does trace Bates do for a living?

Trace took over Lawson’s lawn care business around the time he graduated. He aspires to be a trick rider for the Dixie Stampede. He has auditioned at least once. Based on photos, he appears to be working in law enforcement in some way now.

What religion are the Bates on Bringing Up Bates?

The Bates family is just as religious as the Duggars, who have also starred on various reality TV series on TLC. The members of the Bates family are evangelical, conservative Christians, according to ABC News, which plays into the size of their family.

Did the Duggars go to Tori Bates wedding?

On December 16th, the entire Duggar clan, minus Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, was in Knoxville, Tennessee, for Tori Bates’ wedding. Grandma Duggar and Jim Bob’s sister, Deanna Duggar, even attended.

How did trace Bates meet Chaney?

Trace and Chaney met while on a skiing trip in Colorado. They kept in touch, according to Trace, and he said the I Love You Day party would be a good way for Chaney to meet his family.

How old is Tori Bates?

26 years (December 20, 1995)Tori Bates / Age

Did UPtv cancel Bringing Up Bates?

The reality series Bringing Up Bates will not be returning as UPtv has canceled the long-running show. As announced back in September, Season 11 was expected to premiere in February; however, on Tuesday, the network revealed that it would not be moving ahead with the series.

How old were each of the Bates when they got married?

So far, 2 Bateses married at Age 19, 1 at Age 20, 2 at Age 21, 2 at Age 22, 2 at Age 23, 2 at Age 24, 2 at 25 Age, and 1 at Age 26.

How did Tori and Bobby meet?

On February 9, 2017, Tori announced that she was officially courting Bobby Smith. They met through a mutual friend in 2015, and officially began courting in November of 2016.

Why did Chaney break up with trace?

On Instagram, Trace posted, “After many hours of talking and visits, Chaney felt like we were not meant to continue our relationship.” Trace goes on to discuss how much the two have grown in their relationship. He also goes on to describe her as a “special” person.

Who owns the Bates Sisters Boutique?

Sisters Carlin Stewart and Erin Paine and their sister-in-law Whitney Bates launched their clothing store, Bates Sisters’ Boutique, in April featuring 15 styles of dresses.