What is Greentech Awards?

What is Greentech Awards?

At the heart of GREENTECH FESTIVAL, the GREEN AWARDS celebrate the most innovative projects and minds. The award honors outstanding personalities, institutions, companies, start-ups and innovations. A glamorous tribute to the best sustainable ideas worldwide. Our application process has already been completed for 2022.

What is the official website of the greenest awards in tech?

The Noonies are the tech industry’s greenest awards. These awards – and the voting software powering this site – are presented by HackerNoon.

What is the Greentech festival?

June 22-24, 2022 The Greentech Festival offers a space for mutual exchange and inspiration as well as a global platform under the same name. The aim is not only to inspire as many people as possible with green technologies and ideas for sustainable living, but also to encourage them to take action themselves.

What is a greentech company?

What is a green tech company? Green tech companies and startups have sustainability and positive environmental impact at the core of their mission. The specifics of their goals will be different, but their products, services, and solutions should aim to improve both the earth and the lives of the people living here.

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