What is happening in Spratly Islands?

What is happening in Spratly Islands?

The Spratly Islands dispute is an ongoing territorial dispute between China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Brunei, concerning “ownership” of the Spratly Islands, a group of islands and associated “maritime features” (reefs, banks, and cays etc.) located in the South China Sea.

Which country has the rightful claim to Spratly Island?

The Philippines claims the northeastern section of the Spratly Islands as the Kalayaan Island Group, in addition to the Scarborough Shoal, which it calls the Bajo de Masinloc.

How many countries are claiming to control the Spratly Islands?

The Spratly islands dispute is a regional maritime territorial sovereignty dispute which involves six countries in the South China Sea – China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Brunei.

Does the Philippines have sovereignty over the West Philippine sea?

MANILA – Despite China’s assertions that Bajo de Masinloc is part of China’s “inherent territory”, Malacañang on Tuesday maintained that the Philippines has “full sovereignty” over one of the many disputed maritime features in the West Philippine Sea (WPS).

Does Vietnam claim Spratly Islands?

Summary of Claims Vietnam further claims the entirety of the Spratly Islands (known as Truong Sa in Vietnamese), as do China and Taiwan (which refer to them as Nansha). Malaysia, the Philippines, and Brunei also claim parts of the Spratlys.

Why West Philippine Sea belongs to Philippines?

in 2016, the Philippines won its territorial claim over the WPS in a ruling by the United Nations Arbitral Court which rejected China’s historical claim over most parts of the South China Sea. China, however, refuses to honor the ruling.

What is the claim of China on West Philippines Sea?

President, China has claimed “historic rights” in areas that are beyond 200 M from its mainland coasts, or any land feature over which it claims sovereignty, and within 200 M of the coasts of the Philippines’ main islands, and exploited the resources in these areas while preventing the Philippines from doing so.

Does China have rights to the west Philippine Sea?

Despite being favored by the historic 2016 ruling of the International Permanent Court of Arbitration that declared China’s expansive maritime claims to be devoid of legal basis, the Philippines continues to face harassment from the superpower in its own West Philippine Sea (WPS).