What is hydro vac excavation?

What is hydro vac excavation?

Hydro excavation is a soil removing service. Instead of mechanical tools, the process uses pressurized water to create a dirt slurry. Hydrovac equipment can then vacuum the slurry to reveal deeper layers of the ground below.

What is a hydro vac used for?

A hydrovac is a piece of equipment that uses high-pressure water to cut and liquefy the soil, while simultaneously using high volume vacuum to remove the soil from the excavation. Both fresh water and soil from the excavation are contained in the typically truck mounted unit.

Can you Hydrovac concrete?

What is Hydro-Excavation. Hydro-excavation is a powerful system that employs high-pressure water and vacuum to excavate dry and wet soil. Though this water and vacuum can cut through tough soil, roots, and even concrete, it does not damage the utilities that are located under the earth.

How deep can you Hydro excavate?

This technique is also commonly used for excavating frozen soil by using hot water. The most powerful hydrovac systems can excavate up to 60 feet deep and 600 feet from the equipment.

How does a vacuum excavator work?

How Does a Vacuum Excavator Work? A vacuum excavator ‘excavates’ by using its water lance (or better) to break through hard soil. By dividing the ground all into small pieces, the air vacuum can come in and remove the slurry that’s the result of all the water and dirt.

How many cubic yards can a vacuum truck hold?

All so you can do more in less time at less cost. The Guzzler Classic comes standard with an 18 cubic yard capacity. Custom solutions, including tank sizes ranging from 12 cubic yards to 21 cubic yards, are available upon request.

What is the rate of excavation?

Rate Analysis of Excavation:

Items Units Rate
Hydraulic Excavator Day 5000
Tractor/Dumper Day 1500
Unskilled Labor Day 311.2

What are the different types of excavation?

10 Types of Excavation

  • Bridge Excavation. Whether you’re building arch, beam or suspension bridges, you need a strong foundation to build on.
  • Borrow Excavation.
  • Channel Excavation.
  • Drainage Excavation.
  • Dredge Excavation.
  • Stripping.
  • Earth Excavation.
  • Muck Excavation.

What is the X-cavator TM hydro excavator?

The X-Cavator TM Hydro Excavator is designed specifically for the job and can handle the toughest and most challenging excavating jobs. Based on our combo machines, the X-Cavator TM is powerful, durable and easy to operate. And like any Vac-Con® machine it is fully loaded with standard features and the industry’s best safety features.

What are VAC-con® debris tanks made of?

All Vac-Con® debris tanks are made of Corten® steel, a high strength, low-alloy steel developed and proven in vacuum loader applications to resist corrosion and abrasion. The debris tank door is securely fastened by hydraulic door locks and is controlled from the side of the truck for optimum safety and it is backed by a five-year warranty.

Why choose VAC-con® chassis engines?

Using the Vac-Con® chassis engine with hydrostatic drive for the vacuum is a more efficient system because it’s less complicated and eliminates the need for cumbersome PTO, clutch and gearbox operation. It will allow the operator to focus on getting the job done. We don’t believe that you should have to work hard to make the machine work hard!

What is a XX-cavator ™?

Vac-Con’s XX-Cavator ™ is simply a beast on any project, but is forgiving and kind to the one operating and maintaining it. Able to withstand extreme climates and temperatures, the XX-Cavator™ is a constant worker.