What is IBM RVU?

What is IBM RVU?

Resource value unit (RVU MAPC) is a license metric unit that is based on the number of activated processor cores that are available to the product.

What is IBM authorized user?

An IBM® Rational® Authorized User license permits a single, specific individual to use a Rational software product. Purchasers must obtain an Authorized User license for each individual user who accesses the product in any manner.

What is IBM full capacity licensing?

Full capacity licensing is based on every physical, activated processor core in the physical server. Back when servers were one processor core sitting on top of one chip plugged into one socket, software was licensed on full capacity basis by default.

What is IBM distributed software?

IBM’s distributed IPLA software includes a program specific License Information document. This document defines any program unique terms and conditions that must be accepted by a customer before installing and utilizing the program.

What is user based license?

User-based License means a License for software sold on a user by user basis by the relevant Third Party Software Vendor. Examples of such software include Microsoft Office, Microsoft Office365, Microsoft Visual Studio.

What is IBM VPC licensing?

A Virtual Processor Core (VPC) is a unit of measurement by which a program can be licensed. You must obtain entitlement for each VPC made available to the program. The pricing of IBM® MQ is based on the number of VPCs that your server uses.

What is IBM sub capacity?

Sub-capacity licensing lets you license an eligible software product for less than the full capacity of your server or group of servers. Sub-capacity Overview. Requirements. Eligible Products and Technologies. Products Ineligible for Sub-capacity.

How are IBM products licensed?

When you purchase an ELM or IBM Rational product, you receive a license entitlement that authorizes you to generate and download license files from the IBM License Key Center. The IBM License Key Center is an online service that you use to create license files ( . dat , . upd , and .

How do you calculate pvu?

How does IBM calculate PVUs? As a basic principle, the number of processors (sockets), is multiplied by the number of cores. After determining the corresponding number of PVUs per core using the IBM PVU tables, this number is multiplied by the number of PVUs. For example, 2 processors x 4 cores x 100 PVUs = 800 PVUs.

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What is IBM Cross Brand allotment?

Cross-Brand Allotment This is effectively a pre-paid credit pot: you can use this pot of money to buy any IBM software, sometimes even hardware and services. Cross-Brand Allotment is similar to Substitutable Programmes, but often better for a customer as it will contain fewer limitations on how the money can be used.

What is a single user license?

The authorization that grants one user the right to use a software package. It may grant the user the right to install the software on only one machine, or it may authorize installation on any number of machines as long as that same licensee is the only user.

What is IBM Uvu?

User Value Unit (UVU) is a unit of measure by which the Program can be licensed. UVU Proof of Entitlement (PoE) are based on the number and type of Users for the given Program.

What is VPC in IBM cloud?

IBM Cloud Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) starts a new generation of IBM Cloud infrastructure. Designed from the ground up for cloud-native workloads, VPC provides a brand-new experience to manage virtual machine-based compute, storage, and networking resources in a private, secure space you define.

How do I indicate that my product is compatible with IBM?

When you are indicating that an IBM product is compatible with another product. For Example: XYZ is compatible with IBM WebSphere software products Please note that the emphasis should be on your product name and any accompanying packaging produced by your company.

What is the fair use of IBM trademarks?

“Fair use” of IBM trademarks, that is, use by a third party without express permission or license, is limited to text-only references to IBM trademarks such as product and service names, and excludes IBM logos. In such references, you must be truthful, must not disparage IBM, and must not mislead the public.

Are there any restrictions on the use of IBM Web site?

U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights – Use, duplication or disclosure restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corp. IBM Web site pages might contain other proprietary notices and copyright information that should be observed.

How do I cite an IBM product name?

The first use of each IBM product name mentioned in communications must be identified in a footnote or attribution. The attribution must be located either on the page/screen where the IBM trademark is used, or in the legal section of the communication or site in which it is referenced.