What is jets NY style pizza?

What is jets NY style pizza?

Jets offers what is called The Bold Fold Pizza, designed as a NY style and crusted pizza. It comes in the large size with a bold pepperoni topping. I add Italian Sausage for a perfect pizza. Amazing flavor and the crust is between thin and a regular pizza crust.

What is Jet’s Turbo crust?

One of Jet’s menu offers the option “Turbo Crust,” in which they sprinkle garlic and romano cheese and glaze the crust with butter. One of Game Society’s food connoisseur, Emre, highly praises this pizza option.

What is Jet’s pizza best crust?

Our favorite is the 8 corner pizza, with a crisp buttery outer crust. It is a thicker crust which is not usually are favorite but this is a MUST try. Fresh toppings, lots of fun special options.

Did Jet’s pizza get smaller?

Jet’s Pizza announced that starting Tuesday, it will start cutting its small and large pizzas into bigger slices. A small pizza will now be cut into four slices and a large into eight.

Is Jet’s cauliflower crust Keto?

The cauliflower crust will be available and tested in all stores through August, Jet’s said. Cauliflower is a favorite versatile vegetable for those following low-carb diets, especially the ketogenic (keto for short) diet.

Does Jet’s Pizza have keto pizza?

You can order keto foods at Jet’s Pizza. Some of the items include the Boneless Chicken Wings and the 8 Corner All Meaty Pizza (Large) (3g net carbs and 42g net carbs, respectively).

Did Jets remove BLT pizza?

We no longer carry the ingredients for the BLT Pizza, but we have several other specialty pizzas to choose from! We will be notifying it our Products and Development team regarding future decisions.

How many carbs are in jets wings?

Nutrition Facts

Calories 80 (335 kJ)
Cholesterol 20 mg 7%
Sodium 125 mg 5%
Total Carbohydrate 0.5 g 0%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%

Are Jets green olives?

Jet’s Pizza Green Olives contain between 9-35 calories, depending on your choice of options. Choose from the options below to see the full nutrition facts, ingredients and allergen information.