What is K series joist?

What is K series joist?

K-Series joists are designed for use typically with lighter loads and are most common in roof design. K-Series Joists are used typically where shorter span conditions are required.

What is the maximum span of a standard K Series joist?

60 feet
The K-Series joists are standardized in depths from 10 inches (254 mm) through 30 inches (762 mm), for spans up through 60 feet (18288 mm).

How far can bar joists span?

K Series joists range in depth from 10” to 30” and can span up to 60′.

What is an H joist?

H-Beam, as the name suggests, is rolled steel joist (RSJ) with the cross section in the form of the capital letter H. It is the one of the most common and widely used structural steel member used in both residential and commercial building projects.

What is the maximum span for a K-series open web steel joist?

The K-Series Joists have been standardized in depths from 10 inches (254 mm) through 30 inches (762 mm), for spans up through 60 feet (18288 mm).

How do you read joist designations?

The K-Series, LH-Series and DLH-Series standard joist designations shall be established by their nominal depth, followed by the letters K, LH or DLH as appropriate, and then by the Section Number designation assigned. The Section Number designations shall range from 01 to 25.

What is joist seat depth?

Typical seat depth for short span joists (SJ, S, J, H & K) is 2 ½”. Typical seat depth for long span joists (Longspan, L, LA, LJ, DLJ, LH, DLH) is 5″. For DLH-Series with chord section 18 through 25, the seat depth is 7 ½”.

How much do steel bar joists cost?

Bar joist are $24.00 per foot on sizes of 10′, 16′, 20′ and 24′ feet. 30′ feet is available for $27.00 per foot.

What’s stronger I beam or H beam?

The cross section of the H beam is stronger than the cross section of the I beam, meaning it can bear a greater load. In comparison, the cross section of an I beam can bear direct load and tensile but cannot resist twisting because the cross section is so narrow. This means that it can only bear force in one direction.

What is a joist section number?

The first number (18) designates the joist depth or the distance from the top surface of the top chord to the bottom surface of the bottom chord. The letter (K) designates the series. The last number (6) identifies the top and bottom chord section number.

What is a joist designation?

The Designation Method and Notes displays the reasoning for using a KCS series joists for this member – that there is a point load on the joist, the user has selected to allow a KCS joist to be used, and the uniform load does not exceed the maximum un-factored uniform load allowed on the KCS joist.

What is joist camber?

To compensate for deflections, structural steel beams and joists may be fabricated with a slight upward curvature, commonly referred to as camber. Cambering.