What is lug sail technology?

What is lug sail technology?

The lug sail is evolved from the square sail to improve how close the vessel can sail into the wind. Square sails, on the other hand, are symmetrically mounted in front of the mast and are manually angled to catch the wind on opposite tacks.

What is a Spritsail used for?

The spritsail was a feature of the Cromster where the ability to furl the foot of the sail and raise the sheets, made gunnery much more readily possible. The sail could still be controlled using the vangs.

Where did lug sail technology originated?

The lugsail was extensively used in the Bay of Biscay and thereabouts, and experts say that it originated on the Basque coast. This rig never took hold among deep-sea ships, yet was used almost exclusively among smaller vessels, at least from the sixteenth century on.

How do you tack a dipping lug sail?

The traditional method for tacking the dipping lug is to lower the sail as she comes through the wind, cast off the tack tie down, carry the sail and yard around to the new leeward side of the boat, reattach the tack line and re-raise the sail.

What is a dipping lug?

Definition of dipping lug : a lugsail in which the tack is made fast to the deck forward of the mast and the yardarm must be dipped and hoisted again on the other side of the mast in tacking.

Why is the lateen sail important?

The lateen sail was crucial for the development of ships that were maneuverable and reliable under sail power alone. These improvements made it possible for ships to increase in size, giving them the ability to carry cargo more profitably and more reliably. They also made ships more important as weapons of war.

Are Lateen Sails still used?

The modern lateen is often used as a simple rig for catboats and other small recreational sailing craft.

What is wire Snotter?

A snotter is a rope or tackle used in sailing to tension the sprit on a spritsail, or a sprit boom on a sprit-boomed sail by pulling the lower end towards the mast. It is also used in a junk rig.

What is a lugger sail?

A lugger is a sailing vessel defined by its rig, using the lug sail on all of its one or several masts. They were widely used as working craft, particularly off the coasts of France, England, Ireland and Scotland. Luggers varied extensively in size and design.

How did the development of the lateen sail improve inter regional trade?

Lateen sails made it so the boats would rise better towards the wind, and made vessels more maneuverable than square-rigged vessels. The lateen rig enables tacking and beating to the wind.

What is a Dutchman flaking system?

The Dutchman Mainsail Flaking System uses vertical control lines laced through fairleads in the sail to automatically flake the sail. The sail slides up and down on the lines like a window shade. As the sail is dropped, the lines guide the main down to alternate sides of the boom.