What is Lynden WA ZIP code?

What is Lynden WA ZIP code?

98264Lynden / Zip code

What is Wa State Zip Code?

Zip Code List County – King County, Washington

Zip Code City County
98101 Seattle King County
98102 Seattle King County
98103 Seattle King County
98104 Seattle King County

What is the zip code for Blaine Washington?

Blaine/Zip codes

How many zip codes does Wa have?

Washington has a total of 592 active zip codes.

What are Washington state area codes?

The U.S. state of Washington has six telephone area codes….Contents

  • 1.1 Area code 206, Seattle.
  • 1.2 Area code 253, Tacoma.
  • 1.3 Area code 360, Western Washington.
  • 1.4 Area code 425, Everett and the Eastside.
  • 1.5 Area code 509, Eastern Washington.
  • 1.6 Area code 564, Western Washington.

What is Lynden known for?

Located 25 minutes from Bellingham is Lynden Washington, known for being Washington State’s largest Dutch settlement and the largest producers of raspberries in the nation. Established in 1874, Lynden is also known for being rich in history.

What county is Lynden WA in?

Whatcom CountyLynden / County

What is the area code for Bellingham WA?

Area code 360
Area code 564
Bellingham/Area codes

What county is Blaine Washington?

Whatcom CountyBlaine / County

What is Woodbury zip code?

Woodbury/Zip codes

What county is ZIP code 98629 in?

Clark County98629 / County

How many zip codes are in Washington state?

What’s my area code for Washington State?

Area Code Changes The UTC approved a plan to overlay a new area code (564) over the current 206, 253, 360, and 425 area codes. The new area code overlay requires customers to dial ten digits to complete a local call throughout western Washington.